Session 44 - The Cowardice of Undead and a (Side) Quest Completed.

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 44 - The Cowardice of Undead and a (Side) Quest Completed.

Post by DalamarD » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:07 pm

The chapter opens in media res as combat against the vampire Gorsuch and his minions continues. The vampire attempts to run off with our “cleric,” as Valak catches up thanks to his haste and gets a few whacks on the blood sucker. Then, the vampire turns to mist like a coward and drops Xander on the ground. The room in which Xander was dropped contains six skeletons, which proceed to attack the prone rogue. Xander backs into the main room as the rest of the party deals with the shadows and remaining wight. Valak backs into the main room as the skeletons follow him single-file. Soon, the other door to the main room opens, and many zombies enter. On their attack, they knock Picket unconscious. He is soon revived by Xander rubbing a cure 5 under his nose. The skeletons continue to be cut down by Valak while the party dispatches the zombies.

We destroy the remaining undead and chase after the vampire. The Forsaken search out the rest of the dungeon, but find no sign of him. We go back to the throne room to investigate and plan.

Searching the throne room reveals the following: Around the gnome king’s neck is a stone with the engraving “sunnis” on it. We also find 280gp worth of misc. items.

Amadeus decides to commune with our dark goddess and learns something of vital importance to our mission: Karamaka’s favorite color is blood red.

We resolve to scour the entire dungeon, feeling as if we missed something. After some time, Xander finds a secret door in a hallway. We enter, and two wights attack. Upon destroying them, Valak enters the room and Gorsuch smiles saying, “A gift for the false queen” and turns to mist, exiting the room. On the floor is a weird green coruscating faceted...thing.

We rest up back in the throne room and identify the items we found. The crown is difficult to get a read on, but it seems to unlock other things. The amulet seems to confer some power when dealing with certain elementals. The green stone is totally unknown.

We then teleport back to the Horn where we find out that some assassin vines seem to be growing around the entrance to the horn. We debate the merits of relocation, but ultimately decide to leave them as-is.

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