Session 1 - Captives

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 1 - Captives

Post by Jonathan » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:03 am

The poor fools were thrown in a cage together, a motley crew of lesser races, the dregs of society. Drawn in from around the lake states on homely carts. Some were bound in chains in gags, some in a misbegotten sense of honor.

The prisoners, surrounded by guards are a sorry lot.
There is Amadeus, a scraggly deep gnome of gray skin and white hair. He looks much abused a but wild around the eyes. He is shortly than normal, gagged and bound.
Another deep gnome is next to him bound in the same way but nearly twice his size. Picket the Fence is sentenced to life in the mines.
Putin, one of their captors, approaches them on his gigantic warhorse and escorts us over to Brandermill prison.
As the party enters the keep they are made to stand in front of a fire full of branding irons.
Amadeus is brought to his knees and branded – the rune of the forsaken permanently added to his arm.
Each in turn is brought forward and their sentence called out and then branded like the cattle in the field.
Valak in his turn is about to be branded by the high and mighty Putin himself when he tries to lash out. It fails miserably, and he is branded like the rest.
Zander is sentenced to life in the salt mines as well.
Preator gets strangely pointed at but then bashed in the head with a club. He is quickly branded like the rest.
They all end up chained together, shackled and bound to each other and the wall.
The group talks quietly for a bit before the guards come in to threaten them and they go to sleep as best they can in their miserable circumstance.
Valak is led to were to a room with a beautiful woman who seems to know him. She convinces the guards to leave the room and reveals herself to be Tiadora.
She removes her veil and tries to convince them to leave this place and go to a specific place down old Laurel road. To a building with a single candle burning in the window where she would await him.
She passes Valak her veil and convinces the guard not to search him on the way back. He readily agrees, enchanted or not.
The veil seems normal enough….a little inspection and Valak pulls a dagger from the cloth. And then lockpicks. Picket quickly starts freeing us from the chains with the lockpicks.
They all sit free contemplating the next move. They get dressed in some new finery. A spell pouch comes up and the two wizards confer to share the ingredients.
They quickly formulate a plan and start sneaking up on the guard chamber.
They are quickly put to sleep and we gather around them and murder murder murder.
150 xp each for escaping the cell and killing the guards.
They gird themselves with the dead guards gear. Amadeus garners himself a couple ears and strings them on a lanyard, looping it around his waist.
Zander is dropped the Australian way (no Australians in Arre) down the chimney to the first level. He is noticed by the kitchen help on the level below.
So we decide to take the stairs instead…
The next encounter, we engage two guards. One calls for help and we kill the other. The other quickly goes down.

More guards come out and blows are thrown. Valak is dropped after takiong out two more guards. Almost dying with two failed saving throws the last guard is taken out and a timely 20 does not get Dalak dead. Stabilized and a potion from the veil brings him back up.
100xp 712 AO in the month of Trevin, Moonday.

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