Session 30 - Vetra-Kali and the Temple of Doom

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 30 - Vetra-Kali and the Temple of Doom

Post by Jonathan » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:49 am

We take the secret entrance door after taking a short rest. We go up about 150 feet to a barren non-speleological room.

Stout oak door and two skeletons in ruined masterwork full plate. We search the skeletons and find nothing. We line up and prepare to open the door.
We encounter two strange wolf-headed and horned monsters. Each has an iron plaque with a strange symbol on it. Hexor and Vexor.
We banter a bit and then Jack asks them “ What if I tell you we are free to free Vetra-Kali of the many eyes”.
Valak swears an oath on his sword that we free Vetra-Kali. They discuss and allow us access to the stairwell leading up.
We take the stairs up and we end in the center of a large room that is the sanctum of Vetra-Kali. It has a large domed ceiling. In the center there is a stature of the demon prince carved out of alabaster with three bowls and three bowls. He has three empty eye sockets.
Completely out of place is the silver chains bound around the statue with the seal of doomed Avenar. A lightning elemental swoops in to attack the vanguard of the party. We battle him off fairly easily.

Grimnok reaches the top of the stairs and seems to recognize the chambers. He leaves the parties control. He rushes to the statue and says “so thirsty” while kneeling at the basin. We pour water in the basin and he greedily drinks it. He levitates and has a greenish light. His horns grow even as he does in his unholy nimbus. He seems to have a nice glo up.
We take a long rest shielded by Maybe’s spells. After that we move down to the basement and work our way up the stairs to the first level. We wander the hallways until we come to three doors.
The first is a barracks and barren. The second is an alchemists destroyed lab. We find a couple things of value there. We find three positions of an oily substance. We also find schematics alchemical golem. IT will take some work to get him going again.
There is a forge in good repair that wouldn’t take a lot of effort to get up and running.
Another room is a trophy with only plaques. There are many things that Dave will send us because it was way to much to write down. We find a hidden ring that we pull out that says “IOG”.
Another plaque (Urgen Nigma first to die) has a magical aura. Rus pulls the plaque off of the wall. We fond a safe that we cleverly open that has platinum, a ruby, and magical manacles.

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