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Siege of the Horn By Lord Valin Darrian

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 6:56 pm
by jbvholli
Penetrated our walls,and eliminated our 400 skelletts
Bypassed our glyphs-Pretor tried to activate them
Forsaken pull back to the 2nd and then 3rd floor.
Gooders come up the ladder, and we try to stop them.
Pretor hanging out in Meditation room with Cinnamon and Durok and some troops and shadows when Lord Darrian teeps into the circle with his guards and two casters, Stick and Buddy Jesus.
Saget floats up the ladder and gets dispelled.
Cinnamon gums up and gives one of them a level of exhaustion. Subsequently takes melee damage and then Stick lights up the room with radiant damage spell. The orcs get killed, shadows dispelled and Lord D comes up and melees with Pretor and Durok challenges.
Frevin the Minotaur gets converted to aged beef after getting one good charge, which he missed.
Rest of party screaming at Pretor to beam our of there through the open door