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Freewheeling and Dealing

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 7:01 pm
by jbvholli
Gathering the treasure, the Forsaken decide to contact Xot to sell their captured loot. They resolve to also ask for assistance from the Thorn. Xander contacts Tiadora using a message spell. She promptly shows up at the Horn but is like no fun. No charity. We're supposed to do this on our own. The players hatch a plan to talk to the other members of the Black Council. The Bailiif meets the Forsaken at their lodgings and escorts them to the Black Keep.
The Councilors look at the Amulet/Holy Symbol and the super magic hammer and say something about not telling Thorn, so we leave the items and go sell the rest at Goya's
We keep the Sword of the Victor and the arrolws and rubbers and cash in big time. The group stays around a while and teleports home the next day. They pay Redyrok what is owed and set to resetting defenses and spells.