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Curse of Dagon, or A Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 7:21 pm
by jbvholli
After a narrow escape from Lillend Caliste and her band of ill-tempered leftovers, the Forsaken set down for a sure to be interrupted rest. Most everyone gets a long rest, with the exception of Xander and Pretor. The players experience a sudden discontinuity and some hear a otherworldly chirp. One by one, the PCs experience a freezing cold and take actual damage. Our prime prisoner, Lord Valin, begins to writhe in his bounds. Pretor begins to cast a ritual to create a temporary shelter in the form of a Leomunds Tiny Hut. The freezings continue.

Eventually Pretor suggests that he alert Zikomo and the remaining Banewogs. He stops his ritual and moves towards the stairs to the 3rd level. Picket realizes that the attacks are coming from Zikomo! Valak orders the house demons to dispatch the bullywugs, and they set to it and make short work of them. Meeting Pretor, a vastly different Zikomo gives him invective on his failed prophet status, and offers to assist him but consigning him to the depths of space. Pretor throws the offer back to him and opens up with Eldritch blast. In the melee that follows, Valak, Xander, Amadeus and Picket lay into the former ally. A quick thrust by Xander eventually destroys him, and Picket yeets his corpse off the balcony with extreme prejudice. They secure his magic items, especially the Staff of Al-Azif and the Ring of Protection and Irony +1. A broached flask of his bizarre disgusting blue intoxicant is all that Pretor retains.