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Sweet Home Huntsfield...Play That Dead Band's Song

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 6:40 pm
by jbvholli
The Forseken teleport to the outskirts of their original home Brandermill, but wisely avoided any contact with any history. They then made an uneventful journey across land to find their contact, Barnabus Thrayne at the Ghaster Library. We give him the Tears of Achlys...he pauses to look at it and immediately puts it away. We were told to put aside the Demon's Gift.
He gives a place to live called the Burton Estate. We also get black jewels that gave us +2 to our prime abilities when worn with our iron circlets. We also found a picture of Richard Havelyn's mother and were directed to find her. We spend the rest of time in strategy.