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Recruiting Allies The Return of the Baron

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:24 pm
by jbvholli
Interview with the Baron. You're being scryed, Thorn will kill you with a mission. Slavendor consort of Tiamat green dragon. Hadn't accepted the Tears of Achlys cure we offered. Waving at the scrying nugget. He eventually goes after a few more criticisms.

We go to Blingdenstone to call in our favor with Henkalla. The deep gnomes treat well with us. They have become prosperous and have stiffened their defenses with Armadons. Pretor almost lets the cat out of the bag about the mind flayers in the White Ruby mine, but manages to evade. Henkalla offers training in the spell Nondetection in its improved Svirfneblin version and offers to make us amulets that provide it, but with the provisos that we attune them, and they don't block the circlet scrying of Thorn if we wear both. Henkalla also echoes the advice of Baron with telling stories all the time, and opines that Pingtu would help us as well, but it comes with a price. She needs a few days to complete the task, Picket and Amadeus learn the spell and the rest party with our Bard friend Gurmadden. We teleport home the next day.
After a few days at home we go back and pick up amulets and do Hobson's Choice to their item tally.

Meeting with Sacarac Fire-Axe. It goes well. Braden the bugbear meets up and we have a few laughs. Sacarac gives us a gang of 100 fell bugbear warriors under Hekarb (The Head Takers) and then Braden volunteers and with misgivings, allows his troop to accompany the invasion force. We also get leads on possibly recruiting an Oni, Raiju the Exile, as well as a group of Duergar.