Session 31: Searching the temple of doom.

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 31: Searching the temple of doom.

Post by Kyle » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:47 pm

In progress. Forgive this I will fix it.

We search first floor. Find the word yah on an old tapestry
We find a fountain of death that tastes great
Find 31 gold and gaseous form pot
We find a minotaur body killed by a spear. Covered by white horse tats
Killed by the conqueror.
I am from the deal hills
We take the spear
We find a tavern room
We find a book. Jack opens it. It’s a journal by zander trask. Its boring.
The rogue climbs upstairs and lowers a rope
There is an odd feeling on this level
It’s an amazing temple.
There is a word out of place rah
Jonathan says yah rah. And disappears
We get 200 xp. I get 200xp
We find a scrap of paper in a barracks. Evacuate now get to the throne. Only way out yah.
We find a room where the knights stayed. Avamar rules everyone mural
This is a holy room
We find a remarkably detailed statue missing a head
We find a massive domed room with 3 continual flames and another water basin
We find a stone head.
We find a massive oak bed frame
We find the binding of hexor and vexor mural
Guy killed by spear with warning on wall
We enter a vegetation filled room
We fight some oozes. They split when hit with slashing melee. We gain 500 xp
We go up the trapdoor
We find the great brothel
We find the meditation hall. Circle on floor word nen is on floor 200xp
We find a secret door in a blasted room.
White shrine. Lepers
Red scenes of slaughter and weapons
Black mortals starving
Green skull with coins on eyes
Statue is vertical holds key with swords in hands

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