Session 32 - The Horn is Ours and The Ritual Begins

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 32 - The Horn is Ours and The Ritual Begins

Post by DalamarD » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:59 pm

As our session begins, the party watches as Pretor utters the words “Hail Vetra-Kali” in the seemingly empty room and disappears. We briefly stand in stunned silence, as people begin to react. In turn, each of the Forsaken enters the empty room and utters, “Hail Vetra-Kali.” In the next chamber, we see a green gem similar to the Eye of Vigilance, but glowing malevolently. In the far side of the room is a large shadowy demonic figure looming dangerously. Spread throughout the room is a literal treasure-trove’s worth of miscellaneous wealth. As we enter, Amadeus asks if we should use the manacles, to which Ezra Thrice-Damned roars at us for trespassing and threatens to consume our souls. We negotiate with him, and eventually convince him that we wish to free Vetra-Kali and bring him to this plane. Ezra entreats us to swear this as a blood-oath on top of the glowing emerald. We do so, and he allows us to remove the Eye of Hatred, as well as all of the sweet sweet loot from the room. As we are investigating, Hexor and Vexor enter, ensuring that all is well with their master. We liberate the treasure, including the amulets used to control Hexor and Vexor. We also find a hard disk which has a key embedded inside. We examine this object, and eventually resolve to break it open. Doing so, we free the key, which appears to fit the strange lock which we have had in our possession for many months. Inserting the key, we reveal...2000xp each! As well as a pendant with an octopus on the front. Inside one of the faces is what looks like a leafless tree; the other side contains writing that none of us can read (even the warlock with his eldritch invocation designed specifically to accomplish this very task.)

The party asks Valak to use the amulets to gain control of Hexor and Vexor. After some unnecessary deliberation primarily perpetuated by Amadeus, the demons resolve to answer the questions of the Nessian Chord honestly. However, they lack any useful information.

We decide to partake of a long rest before starting the ritual to free Vetra-Kali. We rest without interruption (other than our newly-minted demonic allies sniffing us creepily.) In the morning, we identify all the magical items, and then attempt to un-petrify the stoned statue. Xander casts Mending to re-attach the head, and then we pour a stone-salve on the statue. He remembers being in the battle 80 years ago and then his memories go dark. He asks if we are here to restore the Brothers, to which we reply that we are. Halthus the Flare is his name, and he was a torturer in one of the below chambers. We ask him about the Eyes, and he happens to pull out the Eye of Withering from one of his pouches.

Picket raises 56 skeletons and sets them to cleaning the fortress.

We decide to start the ritual as midnight nears. We all gather in Vetri Kali’s chamber, along with Halthus. The statue of Vetri-Kali remains, with its three daggers, bowls, and eye-sockets.

As midnight approaches, we inform Halthus that he will be the sacrifice that starts the ritual. He does not seem excited about this, so we ask Grimnok to hold him down on the altar. As midnight tolls, Maybe stabs Halthus with a dagger, spilling his blood down the altar, and ripping his heart from his chest. Maybe places the still beating heart in one of the bowls, where it shrivels and turns black. Silence suddenly descends, as a voice says, “I hear!” in Abyssal. A bright flash of green light then appears, as a whining high-pitched noise occurs. A massive explosion of eldritch energy envelops the room, and a green fire consumes the upper balcony. Outside, all the vegetation on the horn has been blown away. As far up as the eye can see, a green pillar of light ascends into the heavens. All the wraiths in the Maw dance wildly as the ritual starts. An earthquake is felt as far away as Everett. We bathe the two dormant gems in the blood of Halthus, and insert them into the sockets in the appropriate order.

Aftera few hours, the beacon dies down. After this, the horn is still bathed in eldritch fire. Dawn breaks, and Maybe continues the ritual while we set up glyphs of warding to repel intruders. Now is the time to plan how we will defend our new stronghold from the forces of good that are sure to descend upon it...

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