Session 40: Short People Got No Reason to Live...

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 40: Short People Got No Reason to Live...

Post by jbvholli » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:26 pm

The Forsaken start their day in the tunnel to conjecture: is it a Purple Worm's burrow, or a path to entering the Underdark? Valak receives a message from Tim using the Sending Stones telling him of an attack on the Horn by 'Moon Dogs', which is thwarted by the garrison. One of the Demons is dispelled but comes back the next day. Due to the ease of the apparent repulse, the party remains optimistic that they can afford to keep on their exploratory whim, though Pretor expresses his reservations. The group moves down the tunnel and eventually their path opens to a grand cavern.

Amadeus becomes giddy with excitement and decides to move ahead of the party, who is trying to remain with Xander, unfortunately unable to see in darkness. He encounters a vicious fight between Drow and some Deep Gnomes. Quickly and unanimously deciding to throw their lot in with the side that does not fear moral compromise, we all attack the remaining Dark elf as he is about to administer a coup de grace to the last Svirfneblin. The gnome exhibits some gratitude for the Chord's arrival as we shake the six dead pointys down, while he introduces himself as Bridik of Blingdenstone Keep. He offers to bring us with him for respite from the dangers of the UD.

Upon entering the fortified area, Picket notices that some kind of hand signal was passed to the guards of the citadel by Bridik, but since we were otherwise well treated, nothing came of it. All the PCs were pretty certain these guys were not evil. Since Picket and Amadeus are both Svirfneblin, it became important to establish their provenance to their kindred. Amadeus was obviously from Bikokenbak, whereas none could establish where Picket was from, though they expressed hatred of slavers. Meeting the locals, namely Henkalla, proprietor of a head shop called Phantasmal Glamours, and an actual Burrow Warden named Kargian, we became aware of the gnomes' beleaguered state and some quests that they suggested we undertake.
1. Their sacred forge doesn't burn, so Henkalla suggests that the PCs get Ogremoch's Bane from some Pechs
2. Kargian wanted the group to enter the Wyrmwrithings to get special gems to awaken "Singing Stones". This may have been part of a quest into the unusable part of Blingdenstone which is occupied by Orcs and Undead to bring back the King's Crown.
3. Amadeus' home town pays a tribute to Armadons to defend it against Drow, who are on a big push to eliminate them and dominate the Underdark. The great trading post of Mantol-Derith no longer serves their kind, so there is also a political aspect to their doom.

The Forsaken take to the beds provided and receive a sending from Tim, informing Valak of a second attack by Moon Dogs. With this, the party decides to Teleport home to shore up the defenses.

Once home, the PCs conduct interviews and decide to stay together in case of another attack. Downtime is to be used for learning a resummoning ritual for the Demon Guards. Several Guards and Banewogs are noted dead; the Demons give bad advice and Ezra gives good advice. The next day, a loud howling announces the return of the Moon Dogs. Several rounds pass just trying to find them, and Pretor fails a fear saving throw as the rest of the party desperately tries to prevent the dispelling of their extradimensional allies.
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Re: Session 40: Short People Got No Reason to Live...

Post by Dave » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:07 pm

Continuity bump.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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