Session 42: Giant Beavers and Whiny Ass Undead

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 42: Giant Beavers and Whiny Ass Undead

Post by Jonathan » Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:13 am

Evening comes, and morning follows. We teleport down to the outskirts of Blingdenstone and go to search for the Svirfneblin crown.

Brittik approaches us and brings us into the inn to tell us some more information about our quest. He shows us a map of the occupied caverns and then what has fallen.
Brittik turns out to quite the pessimist and takes Pickett and Amadeus aside and lets us know he has grave concerns about our intentions. We try to reassure him, but he seems pretty convinced that the time for the end of the Svirfneblin is near.
He sends a guide to show us the right direction and we head off.
The guide leads us up to the caverns we need to clear and lets us know that it was the site of a Drow incursion a couple of years previous.
Our first encounter with something strange is an eerie red light coming through shattered doors. A couple of undead Orcs are become visible.
We quickly destroy them.
The next room is filled with 7 fire beetles.
We defeat them and harvest their fire beetle cloaca.
We proceed on, disarming a pit trap as we go. We find a random stained paper that warns us a “Reaver” in the hand of a dead deep-gnome. There seems to be some sort of puzzle on the back.
“When the tempest is born,
As storm-tossed waters rise uncaring,
The promised hope still shines.

And the Reaver takes hold
Of dawn-born chosen’s fate,
Pursuing the light across the sea.

Ring of standing stones
Drow here – torture?”
Below that in a ring has these words starting at the top:

“Rapier, Dagger, Rapier, Short sword, Rapier, Dagger, Gap, Crossbow”

We encounter some sentinel centipedes in the next cavern. They are quickly vanquished.
Next come some gnome skeletons. They almost make it through the initiative.
We enter a room and there is a Drow there with a gnome skeleton with a silver crown. Death dogs flank him on either side. Beyond that are 4 possible wights.
He talks a lot of shit about Karamaka not being the ‘true’ god of the undead and we all prepare for the inevitable attack.

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