Episode 52: How Valak Got His Grove Back

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Episode 52: How Valak Got His Grove Back

Post by Jonathan » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:47 pm

The alarms sound and we all make our ways from our sleeping places. The party of adventurers has infiltrated our compound and we engage them right around the corner from where we gather. The fight is fierce but short and we conquer them. Saving their skulls for new chalices to celebrate from.

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Re: Episode 52: How Valak Got His Grove Back

Post by jbvholli » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:01 pm

Pretor woke from fitful, howl-filled sleep to the Horn's alarm. Not being particularly exhausted, he had kept his breastplate on to save time until he was completely re-energized. He removed the Staff of Al Azif from its place by his side and stowed it carefully under his uncharacteristically luxurious bed. Scooping up his shield, as well as the length of crudely bloomed iron known as the Keller-Mandarzek, he ran to the door. Looking outside he saw that Picket was already riding down the hall on the last remaining Hell Hound. Valak quickly followed, also fortunately still in his armor.
Thinking that it should be sometime in the late morning, he sent forth the tendrils of his awakened mind, as well as his senses; perhaps he could see something down the hall. Beyond the left turn, where he saw Amadeus, the end of the hall leading outside held three strangers. A half-orc was thiefly fiddling with the secret door, shadowed by a flaming red-haired human. How not so long ago, that was Xander and I in that exact place, he briefly considered to his amusement.
Names flew into his mind, Hassan, Twelve-blades, Treya, Paska...psychic garbage of little use to the task at hand. At least he had his spells and his powers, but the Keller-Mandarzek was little more than a mace and a spell focus without a long rest.
The reptoid female that might have been "Treya" projected a Fireball down the hall catching the Necromancer and his steed, as well as the Paladin and the pyromantic Diviner. Pretor was lucky not to have been in the explosion; he had not completely healed from the previous night's gay activity. Picket cut loose with his Hell Hound at the assembled intruders and added his own attack for good measure. Xander appeared behind the secret door and responded to a casting of Spirit Guardians by the dwarf priest with some Karamaka-flavored S/Gs of his own. Not to be outdone, the 'drag' 'queen' lit up the hallway with a Wall of Fire, catching Pretor and Picket,still riding the fireproofed mastiff. Valak laid into the assembled enemies, while the Forsaken delivered energies of their own. After a couple of Eldritch volleys at Treya and Hassan, Pretor ducked into side passage with Amadeus, who ran into a chamber to access Xander's room. The Half-Orc thief-type died up against the wall, and the dragonish sorceress scampered across the floor to where she had a rope bridge over the Horn's now-sprung pit trap. With the Wall of Fire dissipating, Pretor stepped out and fired two force beams into the dink Cleric. Surprisingly, both not only hit, but actually killed the dwarven interloper. At this point, Treya announced a retreat to the red-headed Barbarian type as Picket let a fireball at the sorceress crossing the rope bridge. The construction burned easily, leaving 'Hassan's' escape on the stairs to the first floor. Xander, Valak and Picket set after him off downstairs, leaving Amadeus facing off alone to Treya 20 feet across the opened pit trap. Amadeus blocked some kind of bullshit revenge speech spell with a Counterspell. Pretor came up behind, carrying his Shadow Blade, just in time to catch a double Scorcher blast to the chest. He quickly suggested to the Svirfneblin to join in a Dimension Door, but Amadeus demurred. The Warlock decided to attempt his heretofore unused Telekinesis spell, but the Sorceress got away after fighting off his clumsy attempt. The other three eliminated Hassan downstairs after he turned and fought. Valak petitioned Hexor the Guardian Demon to appear and he promptly administered a coup de grace, ending the conflict.

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