Session 58: We return to our gnomeland

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 58: We return to our gnomeland

Post by Kyle » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:56 am


We spend a few days in the horn reinforcing the lower entrance, blocking it off except for a 10 ft entrance.

We have blocked off the 2nd floor entrance.

We decide to go to the Underdark again. We teleport to the barracks.

We go to meet with the leaders at the Inn. They bitch we are not helping enough. The city is cut off, and need supplies. We say we are working to do the tasks they mentioned. We lie about getting the crown and say the Vampire got away with it. After awhile Jack wants to go talk to the old lady at the shop. We do that.

We get an escort to the forge area. We fight off some orcs. Everyone bitches I used a 5th level spell, but fuck them.

We find the pecks and they tell us to run and find NAME HERE and they hold off a vortex elemental thing. We go find the peck LEADERNAME and talk to him. He says they are reclaiming their land blah blah. We talk about killing the NAMEOFTHINGHERE. We ask if he can walk this amulet into the Forge and then we attack it from behind. We go and the pecks hold the swirly thing at bay, and then it enrages as it detects the amulet.

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