Session 60 - For those about to rock!

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 60 - For those about to rock!

Post by rgl2112 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:18 am

The battle continues, as Amadeus hits the Bane with a fire bolt, two more Stone elementals move into the room, pummeling a peck. Valak attacks the closest elemental, hitting him hard. Amadeus begins a hasty retreat down the eastern hallway as the Bane moves towards him. He continues down the hall as the Bane follow, the pecks chase after them in order to try to control him. As the party take down the elementals one by one, the pecks lose their control of the Bane. As the last Elemental falls, the last peck falls to a heap as the party centers in the room, waiting for the Bane to advance. As the Bane approaches, he sinks into the ground.

As the creature pops back up into the room, it takes down Amadeus as Pretor drops an insect plague on him. Valek hits the Bane and finishes it with a mighty blow, taking it down to rubble.

After the fight, we took care of some exhaustion. Gallus and couple of Pecks come from the south and enter the room. The pecks have a short ceremony for their fallen. Gallus hands us a script of paper, after discussing that the orcs have been waiting for the elementals to be cleared out. He asks us to ask for help from the Deep Gnomes to help restore the area and possibly live in harmony in the caverns.

The party heads back to town and meets up with Burrowarden Cargian Disengult. “Summon the Council, we bring word from the Pecks!” We discuss what the Pecks have asked and that they are looking for a mutual peace. One of the council exclaims that we should reclaim the forge as quickly as possible. The deep gnomes argue amongst themselves for a moment. We try to convince them that helping the pecks is the best option and may be why they are losing. We tell them they can discuss this for around 8 hours as we head to the barracks to rest inside a Leomund’s Tiny Hut.

Evening comes, morning follows. We head back to the Flawed Ruby in town. Picket asks, “Has the council made it’s decision?”

The deep gnome that was the most open to the idea introduces himself as Fendrick Pessell says, “We agree to meet with the Pecks to discuss the areas of the caverns we need. The forges are the beginning, we need food and supplies.” He goes on and on.

We teleport to the safe house in Everett with Fendrick the Quartermaster tagging along. We spend the day gathering supplies and prepare for our journey back. Making small talk with Fendrick, it is asked of him who he thinks should be king of the Deep Gnomes. He names a few folks who would be worthy he thinks, definitely not himself. Amadeus pulls the crown from his bag and says, "Would I have your support if I were to be king?" and places the crown on his own head.

By Karamaka's Will

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