Sessions 61-63- Because Sometimes It’s Just Better This Way

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Sessions 61-63- Because Sometimes It’s Just Better This Way

Post by Dave » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:11 pm

The Forsaken answered Fendrick’s questions, and he found them wanting. They thought that the Good and hardworking Quartermaster might yet be persuaded to accept their leadership, if only he could see them without his prejudice tainting his opinion of them. So the next morning after the teleporter reset, the Forsaken took him to the Horn of Abaddon and murdered him. Well, Pretor gave into his cravings and murdered him while the Forsaken watched. And then Pickett animated his dead ass, and proved that they were right all along. Fendrick totally accepted the Forsaken as the leaders they are.

The Forsaken stayed the day in the Horn, trying their best to come up with a story explaining why Fendrick wouldn’t be returning to his wife, kids, and grandchildren. Why he would never return to the job he did exceedingly well, to the benefit of all of Blingdenstone. Why he would never again visit the city orphanage to mend the orphans toys, so they could be distracted from the hardships of life. Whatever. The Forsaken had a Quartermaster now. Not that they really needed one what with the no supply chain to manage back at the Horn and all. Logic has never been their strength, unless we’re talking about logic taking big leaps. They’re pretty good at that part.

They eventually decided that they would teleport outside of Blingdenstone, and mill about until they encountered something. They would just say that whatever they came across ate poor Fendrick. He certainly wasn't murdered in cold blood because he refused to support their claim on the Grim Crown. Oh no. Some horrible denizen of the Underdark devoured him.

Good thing a purple worm was right near the surface when the party beamed in. The worm couldn't land a bite, but it skewered Pretor with its poison stinger until the homicidal maniac fell. Did the Forsaken see this as punishment for their bloody crime? No they did not. They probably saw it as some serendipitous act of providence. Dunno. I prefer not to take their agency away by telling them how they are supposed to feel. Anyways, they killed the worm and gutted it in the search of treasure.

When they made it back to town, they told the story that they had concocted to the council members in the Flawed Ruby. The council seemed to buy it. They met the cleric Jayless. Jayless is a totally MILFtastic deep gnome cleric who has been caring for the population of Blingdenstone to the best of her ability. She told the Forsaken that there was some new sickness running through the town and that she needed more medicine to treat it. Amadeus said that he needed at least three recently deceased sickened corpses to study to which Jayless replied "No way." She explained that she knows what is going on, that's why she knows what herbs she needs. She does not seem to entirely trust the Forsaken. I wonder why that is?

The Forsaken left the Flawed Ruby and went to find the Mystic Seer Pingtu, the deep gnome who will actually perform the anointing ritual on the person chosen to wear the Grim Crown. It didn't take Pingtu long before he asked the Forsaken why they hide the Crown. While they never denied they had it, they never showed it. Pingtu said that he does not choose who wears the Grim Crown, that is the job of the Council, but he does get final approval of that choice. He also said that he is not necessarily opposed to either of the Forsaken's Svirneblin being chosen, but if that were to happen, there were some issues that would need to be worked out first. He did not say what those issues may be.

The Forsaken soon returned to the Flawed Ruby, where they sat down for drinks with Gurmadden the bard. See the “Drinking With Gurmadden” thread over in the Gameplay Forum for details of what he talked about. Of course the Forsaken told him lots of stuff about all kinds of things. Even after Gurmadden told them that his preferred currency is information.

Gurmadded eventually shared that he has a contact in the Drow house that controls Mantol-Derith. Her name is Eleenea Praxitos. She is a lower ranking clerk, and something of a sex fiend, her main kink being turned on by forbidden things.

The Forsaken decided to bring a gift of salt to Erelda Hez-Elth, the Drow in charge of Mantol-Derith in hopes of establishing a relationship with her that could lead to opening up trade again. So with the help of the new Burrow Quartermaster Garner Haddenbach, they loaded up a couple of bags of holding with premium Blingdenstone salt.

Briddick volunteered to escort the Forsaken to Mantol-Derith, and with a hand picked squad he did exactly that. The journey to the drow trading post was uneventful for the party, though 3 days into it the Svirneblin rangers took out a drow ranger patrol. Briddick guided the party to a small cave just a few minutes away from the gate. Amadeus and Pickett were left in the care of McCharmin, but not before Briddick reminded everyone that others may use this hiding spot on occasion so stay alert.

The rest of the Forsaken donned their disguises, and entered the trading post.
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