Session 64 - But I didn't order any...Lembas Bread...

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 64 - But I didn't order any...Lembas Bread...

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:16 am

After giving the password and entering the trading post, we see many vendors selling their wares. It is evident that the two houses are represented here, Duskerin, and Hez-Elth. We see groups of Armadons as well, with very exotic weapons and more decoration on their carapace than the ones we’ve seen above ground.

We get to the center square and it’s brightly lit relative to the other areas. We see vendors and sellers with bright focused lights examining goods. There are slaves for sale, but there appears to not be any deep gnomes. One of the big structures here is a mix of stone and adamantium. There are banners on it representing the house Hez-Elth. The doors are open and people and coming and going.

We plan amongst ourselves and and then enter. Once inside we walk up to the help desk. Pretoria begins to talk to the help desk rep and asks about Clerk Praxitos. He snickers that we mentioned that she was a clerk. He gets up and leaves the desk. Ten minutes later, after a line begins to form, he comes back. "Eleenea will be with you when she comes to get you. Next!"

We wait on the benches for 30 minutes or so. Another male drow shows up. We barter words more and he finally takes us inside. She will be with us in a little bit.

After about an hour in walks this smoking hot drow babe, wearing silk robes that are tight in the right place, but loose enough for a little peekaboo. Smoking fucking hot. In undercommon she asks, "What was my idiot talking about?"

After discussing our purpose in looking for Erelda Hez-Elth, she says, "Next door there are some apartments, You can find me in apartment 3C."

We wait a minute, redisguise ourselves and walk out. We see the apartments and decide to wait a bit before entering.

We visit the halfling stall and Xander converses with Steve the Halfling for a bit, asking about the dealings of the drow in this area.

We meander about until we see a large group of drow heading home for the evening. We are challenged by a group of drow guards. We inform them we are heading up to 3C, they look at each other and allow us entry. Valek knocks on the door and after a few minutes, she answers. If the outfit before was suggestive, this one is anything but and reveals everything we couldn’t see before. She insists we drop our disguises before we enter. After a couple of other drow in the hallway walk away, we drop our disguises and enter. She insists we get more comfortable and start discussing our true business in the area.

She asks if she can put a spell on Valek and Pretor to work on the negotiations, less and less clothing is being worn. She definitely wants the two taller creatures, Xander is left to watch. The spell creates a change in Pretor and Valek and they begin dominating her entirely. As the sexcapade continues, they both realize that she has completely taken control of both of them and is controlling them to her will and has locked them away in their own minds. She is cucking them with their own bodies and she is using them for her own pleasure, all the while humiliating them in their own heads. Xander only sees the two of them working her over entirely. Zodiac Mind Fuck is the term found out later...*

After about an hour, they feel like they are back in control of their bodies. She needed that release. She says that she can arrange the meeting with Erelda. She has them drink some green concoction to revitalize and invites us to stay over night. After a morning of her continued sex slavery, she tells us to get out and it’s time for work and to return to the trade house in a couple hours.

As we wander the square in disguise, we see an old raggedy human man playing cat’s cradle and making some very intricate designs. Some half orcs come over to talk to him and he makes a hanging loop. One orc reaches in and drops a bag, and another orc reaches in and take out a different bag. Xander inquires about the string loop and is told that there is a sort of holding place on the magic of the geometry of the string. We inquire to his goods for sale, and he asks what it is that we want. We do not have any specific needs, and he tells us when we know of something we have to trade, to come find him again.

We head back into the trade house and wait a while. The second drow we met from the day before retrieves us and leads us down the hall and into a room. Time passes, about 30 minutes. Eleenea opens the door and asks us to follow her down the hall. She leads us down the hall further with Hez-Elth symbols on it and inside a room. She leaves and reenters a short time later with another drow with her, beautiful as well, dressed in better finery and much more conservative in her appearance than Eleenea. She sits down and says, "I understand you wish to discuss business with me, what business is this."

"We wish for you to reopen negotiations with Blingdenton," Pretor replies.

"And you are negotiating this on their behalf, but what will you do for me," she asks, "In order to reopen trade, it has to cost House Duskerin too much for them to maintain the embargo. Eleenea seems to think you have some power amongst yourselves. If you want to change the course of House Duskerin, there are two ways to accomplish this, you may assassinate the head of the house, but that would be too dangerous and messy, so I believe the optimal path would be to assassinate the head operative in this area. That would be Talabrina Duskerin, leader of the Duskerin expeditionary force in this area. Removing her from this equation would greatly increase the odds of the Duskerin house to lose their interest in keeping out trade with Blingdenton. Will you do this for me?"

The party answers "Yes, we can."

"Very well, make it so, you may probably find her lurking near Blingdonstone," she says as she gets up to leave the room with Eleenea. We take a moment to ourselves and redisguise up before heading back out into the hall and out onto the street, heading back to the front.

*It's a shame this wasn't Chroncile number very close...
By Karamaka's Will

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