67: 20 Questions as We Get Older

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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67: 20 Questions as We Get Older

Post by Jonathan » Wed May 08, 2019 9:50 pm

Durrok high ranking lt. in the Orc Clan. Gathanar the Chief of the Orc clan.

Clan of Turrok’Ghar.

Durrok tells us there are about 5-600 warriors in the Orc clan. They are a relatively new clan split off from allies in the Dur hills. They’re newly venturing into the Underdark but eager to grow.
We discuss them venturing into the Silverwood and destroying any elves they find.
They would like to bring in more clans and another 50 warriors on-site.
We decide to play 20 questions… To look for Tara’brenia Duskin the Drow that is preventing the Svirfneblin from trading at the post.
We begin the questioning of the higher powers and decide our questions could have been better asked.
There are probably not Svirfneblin saboteurs. She also commands more than likely 100 or more Drow warriors at her command.
We continue the questioning to much amusement.
We start to question who it might be.
We send a message to Germadon after we define it down to a non-Svirf, person passing the details.

After endless rounds of discussion, we determine that the best way to interact with the spy is to call a secret council and espy the magic spying.
Amadeus realizes he can detail people up into a “Marauders map” to see here they are in the keep.

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