71 - The Bank Heist (although not a bank, and not a heist...)

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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71 - The Bank Heist (although not a bank, and not a heist...)

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:53 pm

With a bit of excellent planning, the party readies themselves to infiltrate the Drow hideout. After Briddick and the gang take out a couple of the guards on the roof, Pretor levitates up and scouts it out. He secures a rope, well, secure is an overstatement. After a bit of Benny Hill Follies, the party makes it to the roof.

After searching a bit, Pretor and Xander find a tripwire as they are collecting the fallen Drow guards. Safely avoiding it, they gather the bodies for Picket to perform his perversions on and turn them into Skeletons. As they are advancing toward the trap door, they stumble upon another tripwire, setting it off. Pretor quickly summons 5 giant wasps and has one open the trap door in the center of the roof. As one of the wasps opens the door, it dies immediately from Drow missiles. Pretor telepathically signals Picket to open the hole in the roof with Stoneshape. The skellies drop in with the Shadow in toe. Xander throws his Flame Coin down the hole to be able to see and distract the elves as well as casting light on one of the skellies.

The one of the skellies goes down immediately and the other not long behind. The shadow attempts to move further into the room. Xander leaps into the hole, grabbing a pulley on the way down and landing safely and moving out of the way. Valek follows as does Amadeus. Picket runs over to the parapet and casts Knock on the front door, hoping to cause a distraction. He then leaps into the hole as well.

Pretor's wasps work their way inside, almost all dying in the process and he follows close behind down the trap door and makes it to the main room. The party gathers for the oncoming fight...
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