73- How do you remove a Drow infestation? Carefully.

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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73- How do you remove a Drow infestation? Carefully.

Post by Kyle » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:47 pm

The battle continues...
Between standard combat actions the following combat actions happen.

Amadeus fireballs the largest cluster of enemies.
Picket casts vitriolic sphere on the same cluster melting a Drow Ranger.
Talabrina bumble fucks a jump from the shelves and lands in front of Valek.
Valek kills the Drow Lt with a slash of his sword.
Amadeus kicks Preator to wake him from the drow poison.
Valek falls to Talabrinas direct attacks.
Picket summons necromantic forces and heals Valek.
Valek stands and kills Talabrina in an epic display of swordsmanship.
Valek throws a flashbang to confuse the enemy.
We slay multiple other Drow lowbies.
They shout a retreat order and all start heading for the ladder up and out.
Picket summons the dead as skeletons and has them head tword the rolling door.
The rouge-y cleric checks the door for traps and disarms the falling trap.
We open the rolling door and see Britick killing a drow and then running off into the distance.
We search out the building, its pretty nice, very well kept. Trapped quite a bit. We find a beautiful Geode table, and very fine designs on the walls.
We also find a large safe that is trapped and we set that trap off in stellar fashion.
We meet back with Britick and he says one more infiltrator must have gotten away.

The tired and injured party decide to go to town to rest.

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