Episode 76-They call it a 'Mine'

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Episode 76-They call it a 'Mine'

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The Forsaken take care of a number of housekeeping activities and teleport back to Blingdenstone. Thay meet with approval in most places, and disdain in others, notably a chilly reception from Burrow Warden Kargian. They decide to undertake the Singing Stone Quest. A meeting with Pingtu the High Priest is called for. He shows them the Singing Stones--head-sized gems that when complete and activated will cause great magic.

Diamond emerald sapphire citrine amethyst fire opal

Picket mentally considers wasting the old gnome for the treasure. Even so, Pingtu is unfortunately is short one gem, a "White Ruby". The group consults with one old miner, Frankul, for tips on where and how to get a head-sized white ruby that Pingtu insists is accessible to anyone willing to take on kobolds.Fibers are seen in the rock where there are white rubies present
Prepare for the exodus.

The players encounter some kobolds and end session

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