Session 5-Climax and Denouement

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 5-Climax and Denouement

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After a brief respite, the Forsaken continue the Trials. Expecting some kind of metal serpents, based on their previous inquisition, the party, now augmented by the new convert, allow Xander and Pretor to lead the way.

The chosen are revealed by their might; the weak deserve no sympathy.

The party enters the room boldly, and encounters two mithral cobras. A melee ensues, and in combat they discover that the powerful serpent duplicates are also poisonous. Valak is struck by one and becomes paralyzed. The other one is set upon by Grimnock, who seems to have difficulties of his own. After a few spell attacks by the other party members, he successfully grabs his construct and uses it as a flail to destroy the other cobra.

#6-Suffer not the fool-stupidity is our Faith's cardinal sin.

Upon breaching this door, the party observed stairs going up, as well as a blue and silver pendant beneath the lantern. Even with the amazing team of the Priest and the Warlock checking for traps, the party considers their knowledge of previous experience-indeed expecting three more rooms-and continues on leaving the treasure and staircase untouched.

#7-Beware the fallen, for they may rise once more to threaten you.

The party opens a door and notices a menacing sight. Eight coffin-sized boxes, positioned two to a corner, guard two exits to this room. The trap detectors decide to use their stealth ability to check the left door, with the following legend:

#8-Secrecy is our greatest ally! Exposure brings death.

Before the party can act on this revelation, four of the boxes burst open revealing ‘Droggars’. They are decayed and barnacle-encrusted humanoids, their legs are chained, and they carry wicked great axes. Warned of the presence of undead monsters, Valak turned one [Pretor had the idea to let him into the final room by use of thaumaturgy], Xander commanded one to his service, and without much struggle the other three are dispatched.

#9-Serve thy Master well and be rewarded.

This door being open already and unlocked, the Forsaken are shocked to see their foil, Sir Gavin Rosdale, charging to the attack. Tim the squire bottles immediately. An initial combined assault by the party gives him pause after the first two rounds, but then he uses his adversarial abilities to bring himself to full power. The party redoubles their efforts, and with the help of Xander’s commanded droggar and a few well-placed spells, they have Sir Gavin’s number, and it is up. Removing his items, weapons and armor reveals a blue and silver pendant, not unlike the one in room #6.
After setting Tim back to the correct way from the trauma of seeing his former lord defalcated, the group return to room#8, the secrecy room. By use of his mysterious ‘Devil Sight’, Pretor reveals a large mushroom cloaked in darkness. Quite rightly, the party eliminates it from a distance, and then enters the room. The big payoff here was the actual stairs up.
Having passed nine trials, the Forsaken were debriefed by Archbishop Thorn. Once offered Rosdale’s pendant, he tells Valak,
“The mark of our enemy…keep it; it may aid you in disguising yourselves”

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Re: Session 5-Climax and Denouement

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Re: Session 5-Climax and Denouement

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kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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