Session 6 - Banquets and Sea Voyages

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 6 - Banquets and Sea Voyages

Post by Jonathan » Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:12 am

The intrepid anti-heroes were led to a final farewell party by the ever-gracious Bishop Thorn.
Once Amadeus Praetor, Picket, Xander, and Valak were comfortable seated at a table that set the scene not unlike the setting of the last supper, Bishop Thorn stood at the table. He raised his glass and called out “The Nessian Chord Stands Ready”.

Without further ado the Bishop summons a devil which they watch wide-eyed, all thinking this is some pretty nifty stuff. Timmy seems oddly serene and Amadeus makes a mental note of this, thinking that while Timmy may not have eaten the heart, he was turning out to be much less of a cupcake than the actual members of his party.

Timmy and Grimnok are also brought in but not seated at the head table. A line of 16 (?) slave girls are led in. The run the gamut of height, race, and coloration. The good Bishop urges us to choose on. Not being completely naive, Picket urges us to vote on one that had annoyed us at one time or another over the past month. Ah good, the banality of evil.

We quickly select one poor, hapless girl that had committed the unforgivable crime of spilling a few drops on wine one time. Picket recalls that she forgot to butter his biscuit on another occasion.
The selection made, the lovely Theodora saunters her way across the room the cut the offensive young lady. She then proceeds to the summoned devil, still trapped in his arcane summoned square. She opens a bloody gash on the devil as well. The two bloods are gathered in mixed in something that looks suspiciously like an enchanted bowl. Theodora (or possible Thorn) make the holy symbol of
our dark lady, Karamaka, on our heads.

Bishop Thorn proclaims “The Nessian Chord is forged”. And with that subtle proclaimation oeveryone is sent from the room except for our bold party.

Bishop Thorn takes the time to congratulate us and to fill in the blanks of the next chapter in our quest for everlasting glory bathed in the dark light of Karamaka.

“Your mission is war. You will bring war to the lake states.” the Bishop says.

The party all reacts a bit differently but everyone seems pretty excited about cooking the juices of those Avenar worshipping pigs.

The Bishop goes on to explain two objectives-

“ You will have two objectives- Sacarac, The Fire Axe will receive a shipment of munitions. Far to the north of the North Carow sea. Beyond the north wall. Sacarac will have the resources to unite
the tribes and lead them to war.

Sitting at the north docks of Xot is the longship Frosthammer. Tomorrow morning Theodora will take you to Xot. When the Frosthammer is ready to sail you will set sail. Do not trust the captain. He knows he is smuggling cargo and that is all.

He will take you up the Tildris river to Sagantown. There outside the city he will drop you off. The captain is a liability, kill him and the crew, burn the ship and leave no survivors. Reclaim the coin I gave him, waste not, want not.

The second part of your mission. Infiltrate the Infired tower. The keystone of the north wall. Open the gateThe bridge must be lowered and the portcullis must be raised.

The bugbears will then lay waste to the northern towns. The fire axe is a badass mofo and will
probably kick the lake states axe.

Sacarac will do the rest, aid him as you can.

Once you leave the manor house the world will see you so beware.”

The bishop then proceeds to hand Valak a chord of calling. It seems to be a rather fancified symbol of Karamaka with some extra bits added to it. It is made of clay.

The Bishop continues “I will have more instructions then. Succeed or I will be an angry potato(sp?). Your task is a holy mission.

Soon we will remind them of our glory and pours us a toast. To WAR!!!”

Amadeus drinks the remainder of the devil and slave blood in toast to this.

We dream like sweet babes with visions of blood and conquest dancing like sugar plums in our head.


The next day-

Tiadora asks if we are ready. We nod assent and she teleports us to what appears to be a warehouse.
We smell the salt air.

Tiadora reminds us that the prying eyes of the good will be watching.

We head to the docks looking for Frosthammer. Xander questions Nezzer, some sort of dockhand or something. Asking about the Frosthammer.

They bullshit for a moment and we head on to the ship. Captain Odinkirk.

He immediately says- No ogres.

We try to convince him otherwise, but he stands firm.

The Cambien stands at the end of dock looking pretty badass with fancy armor, wings, and a nice tail. He summons us to the Chancellor of Xots castle. He has a symbol of Karamaka that has other elements into it. Russ recognizes him as the Baliff of the Black Council.

He leads us through the merchant district.

We see some Armadon leading a rich boy litter off to the rich folk place.

We sight the temple of Karamaka in the distance that is quite beautiful.

We pass by Castle Xot oddly enough. Not to far from it we enter a stately manor home.

A table greets us with stuff laid out on it. The house guest stands on the other side of it. Off to the side is a slightly old looking elf dressed in magnificently black robes with arcane symbols down the center. Around his neck is a symbol. Weird shit is on it. We’re pretty sure that he is the Vizier(Zorastarak). He wears a copper ruby ring on one hand.

Chancellor Baden-Powell is there and we are introduced to him as the Nessian Chord.

He congratulates us on our holy quest and offers us a reward. He hands Preator the Kaler Mandazzer (dildo). Three foot long metal rod that is an arcane focus and act like a mace. (+1).
-Lay on hands for 3x your level once per long rest.

He hands Picket a red thigh bone. Necro spells +1 saves and +d4 damage on necro spells.

Xander gets a rape-ier rapier called the Crystal steel nail. Indestructible. (+1) +addition 1d4 damage. Stabbing good outsider adds + 1d6.

He pulls out a strange crystal horn ear trumpet. Made of a strange metal. Inset with crystals.
Amadeus already can see tiny dimples that might hold tiny crystals. Holding it allows the user to comprehend languages (per the spell). And it casts Augury once per long rest.

Valak is given the steel rose shield. It’s made of Damascus steel. Rose with a vine twisting through it. Spikey bladed shield. You are the bastion of Karmamka. The bastion of thorns, forged from the chains of your oppression you are now free. Bladed shield does 1d6 on bash. Wield it gives you the protection fighting style while in combat.

The Baliff leads us out with Russ and Stephen going to have secret talks.

We talk about Grimnok.

The temple is beautiful.

The alter of Karamaka is beautiful and horrible. It is life, death. Behind it is a pipe organ.

We offer up our prayers to the dark lady.

We all go our separate ways. Amadeus stays in the temple. A night of flagellation and prayer.

Most of the rest almost go to the digs but then decide to not waste their money.

They see a common magic item that is cantrip gems. They are ridiculously expensive.

Timmy and Grimnock are sent north walking with 100gp.

Cask of ale sent to the ship and the rest of the party hang out with the longshoremen.
We arrive at the ship and the two casks are waiting. Both are marked ale and one has Amadeus’s mark on it. We load them in,

We head off into the darkness and the lights of Xot fade away.

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Re: Session 6 - Banquets and Sea Voyages

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Re: Session 6 - Banquets and Sea Voyages

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