Session 8 - Nautical Interruption and a Meeting with The Fireaxe

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 8 - Nautical Interruption and a Meeting with The Fireaxe

Post by DalamarD » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:09 pm

The Forsaken begin this adventure on Frosthammer, the boat of Captain Odinkirk, day eight of their journey towards Sagantown. Having defeated Frostarr four days earlier and received our rewards from Karamaka, we look forward to an uneventful journey. However, the more eagle-eyed members of the group soon spot a boat far off to the east. Captain Odinkirk surmises that it’s a boat of the Sea Princes, de facto rulers of the nearby islands. He tells us that they will board us for a search, and that we will likely have to fight them off. He further cautions that we not burn their ship, because the smoke will be seen and draw retaliation.

As the boat pulls up within shouting distance of Frosthammer, The Forsaken can see that the boat is named “The Kraken’s Blade,” and it appears to be very well appointed. The majority of the opposing boat’s forces are armed with bows, while their Captain has several axes. The captain asks us to prepare to be boarded, and we do so. We banter back and forth about our cargo and purposes, but a fight seems inevitable.

The boat pulls up alongside us, and Captain Bill prepares to board with four of his henchmen. Amadeus casts his readied charm spell on Captain Bill. Captain Bill boards us, and asks to see the contents of a crate. A random deckhand pops the lid off of a nearby crate, which happens to be full of battle-axes emblazoned with evil symbols. Captain Bill orders us to move to the prow, and tells his men to shoot anyone who doesn’t comply.

At this point, Amadeus, against Captain Odinkirk’s recommendation, fireballs the enemy ship, killing most of its crew and setting the sails on fire. Valak hurries over to the smoldering ship attempting to cut down the burning sails. Captain Odinkirk leaps to The Kraken’s Blade and slashes out with his battle axes, deftly missing the lowly sailors still left alive. Picket casts fiery doom upon the enemy sailors and blows continue to be traded back and forth. Captain Bob lands a mighty attack against Valak, and seems to regain some of his strength. Amadeus throws fire at Captain Bob, searing his flesh. Valak ignores Captain Bob’s feeble attacks and manages to hack the enemy sails down, while Captain Odinkirk murders the remaining enemy sailor mooks. Picket finishes off Captain Bob, and we put out the remaining fire, leaving little smoke in our wake. We Search the enemy vessel, retrieving provisions and armaments, including half-plate, 16 spears, and Captain Bob’s axes. Inside the captain’s cabin, we find a gold symbol of the Sea Princes, worth about 50gp. We scuttle the ship and continue on our journey, avoiding open water.

Four more days pass, and we near the river delta, about two days from our destination. Off in the distance to the north, we see about four or five small ocean kayaks, with a larger catamaran accompanying them. Odinkirk remarks that they look like Yutaks, which confuses us. He explains that Yutaks are wild seamen, and that they don’t usually come this far south. We hail the boats, and close with them. A “youngish” man dressed in “badass” hides and bone spears stands in the front of the large boat, and a medicine man stands beside him, addressing us. The medicine man informs us that their leader White-Tusk wishes to trade for southern goods, especially metal. We eventually settle on the following trade:

20gp/spear, 30gp/battle-axe, 20gp for mirror, 40gp for steel manacles, and a mithril snake for a 5ft narwhal horn. Total haul = 470gp worth of ivory + narwhal horn

After amicably trading and sharing food and drink, we continue our journey. Several more days pass when we round the peaks of the Allegheny mountains. We approach the shores of Sacarac’s army camp soon thereafter. It is a sprawling encampment full of bugbears, hill giants, and goblins.
Upon landing at the docks, the nearby bugbears attempt to intimidate us, but we demand to see Sacarac. Amadeus charms the leading bugbear, and The Fireaxe is summoned. He approaches, and we inform him that we come on a mission from Archbishop Thorn. Sacarac is pleased and shows the bugbears the weapons and armor we bear, and a cheer goes up throughout the camp. The crates are unloaded, and Odinkirk informs us that we will depart before the morning. We enter the camp and enjoy a feast of boar and other sundries as the bugbears party. The food is not particularly good, though Picket spices it up a bit.

We go off alone with Sacarac to his tent and speak in private. He asks why we would betray our own kind. We explain our various reasons, and he shows us a brand of Avenar on his chest. He explains that he is of the first Chord, the Avernian Chord. He tells us that Thorn was not always the Archbishop’s name, and that Thorn was once a bishop of Avenar. He further elucidates that when his hordes attack, they will slaughter many thousands of humans, and that all his bugbear allies will likely die as well in service to Karamaka. He knows of no additional information regarding Thorn, or the other chords.

He informs us that we must soon depart the camp, as it will not be safe for us to stay much longer. More tribes will join his cause shortly, and then he will march. He will be ready to strike Sagantown in approximately two weeks. He will wait for our signal, and hands us a rocket to light off when we are prepared. We must open the gate and ensure the portcullis is up before he can mount a successful attack. He can only keep the horde together for approximately two weeks after he arrives at the valley outside of Sagantown. This gives our group almost one month to ensure the downfall of Sagantown and the vulnerability of the Everard Tower. We assure him that we will be ready, and then we all praise Karamaka, forever may she reign.

We are led back to the ship where Odinkirk is complaining like a little bitch, but we board nonetheless, and the ship heads south. Soon we will reach Sagantow, and our time with Odinkirk will come to an end...

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Re: Session 8 - Nautical Interruption and a Meeting with The Fireaxe

Post by Jack Hollingsworth » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:56 pm

You have a problem with Bob/Bill confusion, and nowhere is my character even mentioned...Pretor carved 18 pts. out of Capt. Bill's ass with force beams and knocked him off the orlop, as well as making him focus the archers on himself by challenging his authority, enabling Amadeus to say his Fireball verbal component with impunity. Yeah I know I'm like Odenkirk. :D btw do any of you guys know the names of all nine levels of hell? Avernus is the first and Nessus is the ninth and deepest...

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Re: Session 8 - Nautical Interruption and a Meeting with The Fireaxe

Post by Dave » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:44 pm

Continuity bump
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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