Session 16: Amadeus Rising and the rest of the party does other stuff.

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 16: Amadeus Rising and the rest of the party does other stuff.

Post by Jonathan » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:23 pm

They continue to fight, healing Stefan, at the top of the tower.

The guards guarding Amadeus hear the second horn and one leaves, the other waiting outside the door. He joins the initiative.

The party continues to fight Iron Sam.

Amadeus pulls off the ball gag and reaches for the small flagstone he has been eying. Underneath is a crudely etched symbol of a rose and the words “Send us vengeance my queen.” He can use it as an arcane focus.

Iron Sam goes down by a blow from Kyle after Sam takes down Stefan.

The party collects itself and Amadeus charms the guard and has him lead him towards where all the action is happening.

Tim and Grim approach the wall and start to grapple hook their way up.

Amadeus and the guard stop in at Haviland’s chambers to look for his gear. There is a chest in the corner of the room and Amadeus sends the guard over to open it.
There is a bag of his gear. 5 pots clearly labeled cure 1. Amadeus grabs 50 lbs. of gold and has Jimmy the charmed guard pick up as much gold as he can carry.
They search Haviland’s body and must make a save, his champion full plate molts from shiny to black and baroque with a thorny rose at a touch. They loot it into the bag and his holy avenger. They also loot Sam.

The party starts to work their way out of the window heading for the courtyard below. Grim takes a few bolts from the dwarf leader Eisenbach.

The party starts continues rappelling down the tower and killing random guards along the way.

Amadeus nails the remaining 12 guards in the great room, but they save for half. He moves back out of sight and starts to pick them up one by one as they come up the stairs.
Father Donnagon emerges from the chapel and shoots a holy fireball.
The rest of the party turns on him and then Kyle nails him with a chill touch and crits him to death.

***Yes, I did do a lousy job chronicling. Still note as bad as Kyle though :lol: :lol: :lol:

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