Session 19 - Eating Geese and Greater Geas with Baron Arkov

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 19 - Eating Geese and Greater Geas with Baron Arkov

Post by rgl2112 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:10 am

As we drink and hear tales of Vetri-Kali, the Baron asks where we plan to search for the Horn. We show him on his maps and he scoffs and says, "Typical Thorn, I believe that location is incorrect, I think it's further West, into the Silverwood."

He shows us on our map and provides us a copy as well. "Look for elvish patrols, and there is a Troll hive as well," he warns. "Aiden Kael found the Horn, you say, hmmm, if you can find him...."

We discuss our story and how we became the Nessian Chord. He questions each of us delicately. He does not understand why Thorn “chose us”. Xander shares some of his story of how he found Karamaka when all hope for him was lost. He asks the Deep Gnomes their story, and what is the "means to the end". Picket states that he’s wanting to bring power to his people…bring them up, or they will be ashes. Amadeus is seeking revenge for his family’s loss. Valak says a general must start somewhere. We relay to him that the teachings of the The Black Council are all we know of Karamaka. The Baron says the tenants speak for themselves; there is no conquest, or mass destruction or murder, all belong to the Lady in due time.

He again asks why Thorn chose us, we do not have an answer. He asks why we continue to work for him and we tell him we signed a Blood Contract. We felt there was no other choice at the time, but still signed it willingly.

He asked to see the contract, we debate amongst ourselves and finally decide to let him look at the contract. He says it looks pretty standard.

"But do you think there is a loophole there?" he asks.

He tells us the Inquisition may be on the hunt for us, but they do not know our current location. He asks what brings Pretor to the group. He answers that he can’t begin to know why he’s here, but things have worked out for him as part of the Nessian Chord. He’s gotten more beyond what’s from Karamaka since he’s a Warlock, these are powers from farther and unknown.

We ask the Baron if there anything in the area we could find for him. The Baron is looking for something his family lost long ago. His roots are in the Silverwood for thousands of years. He trails off and decides to retire for the evening, "In the morning my little friends will know where Aiden Kael’s room is located."

The next morning the Baron IS NOT making eggs or pancakes. He says the ranger had an inn at the Wandering Friar. The party heads to the inn under disguise. They head inside and order drinks and light meat, not unlike Duck Confit. Valak addresses the innkeeper and states he is a relative of Aiden Kael’s. The innkeeper says he has an outstanding the balance of 25 gold which we pay. He gives us the key to his room for us to check it out and wishes us to clear it of his belongings.

In the room we see a map on the table, held down by a dagger. There appears to be a mark on the map in the region of where the Baron pointed out that we might find the Horn. Valak takes the items. Xander searches the room and finds a bag stashed in the bed. There’s 150 gold in random coin. We decide to leave a note that says “9th to the Horn”.

We head back to the safe house to discuss. We decide to procure a cheap two wheeled wagon and horse and leave the next morning. We get a month’s worth of food. We discuss our plans with the Seventh Chord and tell Elise that we will Send our location and match grid lines to make things clear. The maps match and look something like this:

The party loads up the wagon and heads north out of town on Godsday, the 18th of Kolovoz.

By Karamaka's Will

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