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Session 20: A Trek to Silverwood

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:45 pm
by jbvholli
The Nessian Chord set off from Everett (and the hospitality of the Baron) to find the Horn after having spent treasure, scribed spells, and laid in supplies for the journey. The Baron gave them useful information as well as his grudging support. It may have been possible that the companions may not have been given correct directions by the Archbishop. Picket created five skeletons and outfitted them with weapons as guards. The Forsaken were also joined by Valak's squire Tim. Valak had also brought forth his mighty destrier for the occasion. The group formed up beside a small horse-drawn cart to carry their supplies.

It had been determined earlier that there would be likely encounters from Trolls and other monsters on the way to the Silverwood. Elven patrols would be encountered in the wood and its periphery. They could expect that there would be roadhouses on the way. The overland journey continued without slowing until the third day, when all of a sudden, six Ankheg boiled out of the ground and set upon the group. Immediately the PCs joined battle, and after making some headway against them, were dismayed to find another ten of the creatures arriving the same way. To add even more woe, it became apparent that the insectoids were cased by an unlikely pair of Bulettes, which made their bizarre leap attacks to great effect. The battle continued for only a couple of more rounds before another set of landsharks also dug out and dug in. In a few instances in the ensuing melee, Bulettes attacked Ankhegs and vice versa, but the real hit for these fearsome predators had to be the presence of Xander, who as a Halfling, was eminently delectable to the creatures. Valak and his mount immediately became an anvil for all the monsters, and was truly a force against their limited reckoning, but all the other characters used their abilities to the utmost, and employed healing magic and Amadeus and Picket had to use precious Fireball scrolls to eliminate the monsters.

Aftermath of the battle had all five of the necromancer's skeletons destroyed, Valak's steed was killed, and the group's cart was smashed by a Bulette's special leap attack, (its horse had been killed previously by an Ankheg) and Tim and most of the PCs carrying levels of exhaustion from cumulative damage. Pretor never fell out, but was well within a bite attack of a knockout. The session ended with consideration of possible loot from the passel of monsters eliminated.