Session 21 - Killing Grandparents and Doing Drugs

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 21 - Killing Grandparents and Doing Drugs

Post by Jonathan » Tue May 08, 2018 4:35 pm

Shortly after the previous battle along come a cute old dwarf couple. The party proceeds to slay them and rummage through their belongings. Immediately appropriating the wagon, two books, and anything else that seems interesting.

The top find seems to be 10 small, 1lb bricks of a substance we come to find out is E’tea (or something like that. And no, I don’t know how to make the weird umlaut-like thing on my keyboard). Amadeus proceeds to smoke it and trips balls.

When he comes out his reverie he explains to the party that he must hold onto one of the bricks for further research as it seems to enhance his divination powers.

They move on down (or up actually) the road to a roadhouse where Pretor proceeds to follow Amadeus down the dark road of addiction. Seeing the bold-faced lies Amadeus used to protect his stash, Xander quickly follows suite with 60% of the party now addicted to this strange substance.

The next morning, they move into the Silverwood itself. After some time, they leave the road proper in a vague awareness that two people had said that what they sought was in this general area. “General area” encompassing a couple hundred square miles of dense, probably magical, probably, malicious, full of self-righteous elves.

They happen upon a small outcropping of rock that looks like it leads into a cave. Caves leading to dungeons and whatnot, the intrepid adventurers proceed into the vine entangled area. The strangler vines quickly move to engulf them, thinking they had a tasty treat. The powerful anti-heroes valiantly manage to disabuse the vines of this notion, quickly turning them into a pile of mulch.

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