Session 22: Chasing the Dracolich.

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 22: Chasing the Dracolich.

Post by Kyle » Wed May 09, 2018 2:25 pm

More to come

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Down into the Last Shrine of Oolatek went the party. At the bottom of the stairs leading into the shrine, they found the remains of two unfortunate would-be adventurers bashed against an iron door covered in spikes. One of the long dead duo still had a ring on its finger, and a rotted pouch with a few coins and gems.

After getting through the door, they found a room covered in frescoes depicting hellish scenes and archaic symbols of evil. While entering the room to search it, Pretor fell into a tilting pit trap, and onto the deviously placed blades contained therein. A wisely cast Dimension Door got him out of a near certain painful demise.

The party continued down into the shrine coming to a roughly hewn room with four highly detailed statues of demonic warriors, one in each corner. Carved into the walls were runes of evil and other horrible things. When they went to leave, the statues animated and began reading the infernal runes in a hellish chorus. The Forsaken were blasted by an unholy fire as punishment for not paying proper homage to the long dead god whose shrine this was.

They soon entered the last room, the actual shrine of Oolatek, where they found a golden idol. When Xander reached out to touch it, they heard a ghostly voice say “Oolatek.” The party discovered that the voice belonged to the last high priest of a long dead, and forgotten, god of evil known as Oolatek. And when this last high priest attempted to summon the power of his dead god to punish the party for their trespasses, he learned the truth of his god’s passing. It was the last straw needed to break what was left of his sanity. The priest’s wailings caused confusion to some of the Forsaken, who in turn took the last idol of a dead god for their troubles.

They left the distraught spirit, and began to head to the surface. As they decided to rest for the night, they met an man who said his name was Carrick Fergus. Fergus claimed that not only had he been following the Forsaken since they murdered Mother and Father, but that they had taken what was his from them and he wanted it back.

Fergus said that he represented an interplanar organization called the Cartel. He went on to say that the Cartel has recently come to Arre with the intent of establishing operations here. He explained that when they come to a new plane, they start by introducing a powerfully addictive drug called “EtA” (pronounced Ee-tay). When time comes to take over various criminal organizations, its much easier when their members are already suffering crippling addiction.

Things took a turn for the worst when Fergus struck down Amadeus seemingly without provocation. Fergus left the Forsaken with 2lbs of EtA as a finders fee, and a warning to not cross the Cartel. He also told them how they could cure Amadeus and Pretor of their addiction, and that they should do so soon because “junkies can’t be trusted.”

The next day, Xander cast a Sending to Titus, aka “Trik,” asking the 7th Knot for aid. A rendezvous place was decided on, and the Forsaken set out.

After a few days of uneventful traveling, the Forsaken met with Titus and his twin, Tallus. Titus delivered a couple of Greater Restoration scrolls, which were promptly used to cure Amadeus and Pretor of their addiction. At least for now...

Then Titus told the Forsaken that Elise Zadaria, leader of the 7th Chord, was upset that the 9th Chord seemed to have gotten into a lot of trouble in not a lot of time, apparently nowhere near where the Horn of Abaddon was supposed to be. Titus went on to suggest that Zadaria wonders if Arch Bishop Thorn’s trust in the Forsaken is misplaced, and that she may even think that it should be the White Ravens and not the Forsaken on the mission to gain the Tears of Achlys from Vetra-Kali.

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