Session 24 - Meldarion's Folly

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Session 24 - Meldarion's Folly

Post by rgl2112 » Fri May 25, 2018 8:59 am

During the second watch, about 3 hours after the spiders attacked, Picket hears sounds of something moving in the forest. The sounds get louder, and it sounds like more than one. Picket slowly begins to wake everyone up quietly. Picket notices fiery arrows flying past, there is a battle going on, trolls and someone else. The combat is getting closer. As the party awakes, they move to the side of the tower away from the fighting. The battle gets closer to the edge of the clearing, they realize it’s centaurs versus trolls. As it gets to the edge of the clearing, the last troll falls dead. The centaurs walk back into the woods, putting out the burning bodies with their piss as they walk by.

The party is able to finish their long rest.

As the party comes into the room, Pretor and Amadeus feel a tingle as they enter. Xander and Pretor head up to the second floor, it appears to be an abandoned barracks. Across the room they see a couple of large spiders, much larger than the ones outside previously. Sword Spiders!

As the party kills the first spider, the second spider appears from outside the tower, dropping from the outside and shooting its web at Grimnok. Amadeus runs outside and shoots a fire bolt at the spider coming down. This spider is also dispatch rather quickly and the party continues to explore the tower with Picket, Grim, and Tim remaining outside.

Moving onto the third floor, it seems much darker than the lower areas. Xander casts Light on a small object ahead of him, however, instead of Light, he has cast fly on himself. Amadeus and Pretor whisper, "Chaos Magic. No more spells."

Floating across the room Xander begins to fly to the fourth floor and as soon as he reaches the landing, he drops to the floor unharmed. He tries to cast Light again however the spell does nothing. "Magic free zone, " he whispers behind him. This room looks to have been an old laboratory. There is a circle in the center of the room on the floor, and a shadow of a humanoid figure burned into the ground. There appears to have been an accident. Xander explores the circle, realizing it's harmless, and the party searches the room. The 5th floor has been blown off. A small parchment of burned paper remains on one table with the name Meldarion on it. Xander assumes this was the name of the wizard that destroyed himself and the tower during a fabulous experiment gone wrong. Alas, poor Meldarion.

The party marks the location on their map as a possible refuge in the future, and perhaps other uses as the wizard's determine the ley lines of magic run strong through here. The party heads down stairs and vacates the tower, heading northeast along the swamp and forest border. After some time, they come upon a thicker wood and hear singing coming from within. Amadeus's familiar reports that there is a large, stone outcropping that goes above the forest canopy, and the area where the singing is coming from is much thicker than the rest around here. Listening through his ear horn, Amadeus relays that it is a very sad song of a lost love.

The party decides to bed down here for the evening, setting up watch rotation. Sometime after nightfall, the singing stops and the party rests.
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