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Session 29: I'm Serafina--Fly Me Maebi?

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:44 pm
by jbvholli
The day starts with the Forsaken searching out The Maw from among the surfeit of pillars in the karst. A flock of avians is detected; they prove to be a group of harpies, looking to introduce us to the True Oracle of Eris. The leader introduces herself as Serafina, and mayhem is not her desire, Rather, she seems intent on bringing the Chord to meet a spiritual leader. The group allows themselves to be transported on the wings of the typically foul creatures, who seem totally enraptured by an individual emplaced on a throne carven from the living rock. He introduces himself as Maebi, gnome priest of the Goddess of Discord, Eris. Maebi has been on this throne for a long time (possibly a half a century or more) and volunteers to join the Forsaken in their search for the Horn of Abbadon.

After some deliberation, the reinforced party decides to be transported by Harpy Air Lines directly to the spire they need. They enter at an overgrown portico and upon entering, notice the amazing amount of cave formation going on inside. Immediately we notice the blue phosphorescent glow of an extensive network of pools. Poisonous Cave Tetras exist in the immediately accessible pool. Without any current threat or haste needed, the poison is harvested and placed in a vial. Going further into the maze, the party takes advantage of Maebi's awesome spell ability with an hour of Arcane Eye reconnoitering. The Forsaken make a note of a cyst containg a skeleton holding a large book adjacent to a large green gem. The cyst has absolutely no entrance save a crack a few inches wide. Not to be stymied, Pretor offers to cast Dimension Door to enter and Valak volunteers to join him. The two of them liberate the tome and the gem from the rime-coated corpse. The book details something called "The Dirges of Apollyon" which is a months-long ritual needed to break the seal holding Vetra-Kali back from his remanifestation.

Continuing on, the party is surprised by a group of Bullywugs, led by Canienda Slays Nine Men. Amadeus raises the ante with a Wall of Fire. The batrachian marauders are not much of a threat; Pretor dispatches the leader with an Eldritch Blast. Going further into the caverns, the Chord finds debased Bullywugs (known as the Banewogs) led by a priest of the Elder God Dagon, going by the name Zikomo Hears The Father. He is crazed on some kind of juice, but welcomes the party as part of prophecy, and is especially happy to note the passing of Canienda, rewarding the warlock with the contents of his hovel. Other than a perfunctory tour of the area punctuated by a near spill by Xander into a crust trap, a 'diamond' wall, a pool of acid and also including a pit of bones for Picket to reassemble, the Chord prepares to move to the next area of the Horn, the Judgment of the Blue Slime.