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The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:06 pm
by Dave
So you guys have explored the Horn. Since you guys found all of the secret doors and trap doors, I thought I would post up the maps.

The Outer Areas:


The Lower Caverns:


The Horn:




Updated to reflect opening and wall modifications. -RL

There is also a key that I will give you guys on Tuesday.

Re: Horn of Abaddon Maps

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:35 pm
by Dave
The Horn of Abaddon Key

Updated July 6

Regular inhabitants besides the Forsaken, Tim and Grim

3 regular bullywugs and Zikomo Hears the Father
Valek’s Men- 3+ captain
Carnetheria Rex
Hexor and Vexor
4 wraiths
6 will-o’-wisps

Outer defenses-
Inner wall-

The Lower Caverns- See map of modifications.

C1- Entry point- area up to dotted line is difficult terrain- swampy, lots of rocky debris- rotten heads of 2 moon dogs on spikes, with explosive runes triggered by spells cast upon it. Wooden planked walkway on paper map. Entry point choked down at the dotted line on map to a 10’ wide opening by Walls of Stone. Rotted remains of dead elf peasants staked up here and there.


C2- Pool of acid-

C3- Wet cave suitable for water loving creature- trash pile from lev 1 in small cave in between C3 and C6-

C4- Many stalagmites and shadowy corners, bullywug guard post

C5- Crossroads cavern, secret door (DC 30) to spiral stairs here. Covered by wall of stone. Stairs 5ft wide. Bottom 50ft of stairs filled with debris.

C5a- Bottleneck point, difficult terrain for size M, impassable for size L and up, size S and smaller can pass regularly

C6- Dry cavern, solid rock floor-

C7- Dry cavern, solid rock floor, perch (8’ up) in the back of the cave.

C8- Hot, boiling mud pits, across the pit, metal chest on a shelf-

C9- Bullywug village-

C10- Wet cavern, crossroads-

C11- Death angel cave tetras, poison generators- Shrine to Gruumsh-

C12- Blue slime cavern-

C13- Must be smaller than size S to fit through the access tunnel

C14- Wet cavern-

C15- Murky pools of water on each side of the path, whole cavern is difficult terrain

C16- Fungus farms-

C17- Bullywug breeding pool, statue of “Father Dagon”

C18- Bone pit, about 100 skeletons worth

C19- Sparkly back wall, with “cave ice” floor past dotted line

C20- Wet cave- new fungus farm

C21- Fungus farm-

C22- Holding pen

C23- Bullywug temple-

Level 1- 65 skeletons on roving patrol

1-1 “The Left Eye”- 10’ wide staircase, 100’ high to access, arrow slits on both sides of the hall, 4’ half-wall at turn-

1-2 Guard room-

1-3 Guard room-

1-4 Storeroom- “Cooler” Bodies of Knights Errant, Cinnamon’s brain case

1-5 Quarters for 12-

1-6 Captains Quarters-

1-7 Quarters for 8-

1-8 Quarters for 12-

1-9+10- “Death’s Head Tavern”- fireplace, bars, and grill. Orcs finish the work, and they did a pretty good job. Just because they are orcs doesn’t mean that they can’t be skilled craftsmen, you speciesist jerk...

1-11 Quarters for 12-

1-12 Quarters for 8-

1-13 Quarters for 8-

1-14 Quarters for 8-

1-15 Quarters for 12-

1-16 Lower courtyard- magic fountain makes pure water-

1-17 Armory-

1-18 Alchemist laboratory- Cinnamon’s parts are on the table-

1-19 Guardroom-

1-20 Sergeants quarters-

1-21 Trophy room, secret stash

1-22 Smithy-

1-23 Capture cell, trap door from level 2 missing

1-24 Guardroom-

1-25 Torture chamber

1-26 Holding cell

1-27 Lower temple, Yah throne- crucified body of Valek’s original captain. Carved with Karamaka’s Rose, and left to rot.

1-28 Vestment chamber-

1-29 Sacrifice holding area-

Level 2- 5 skeletons on roving patrol

2-1 “The Right Eye”- 5’ wide stairs, 200’ high to access, pit trap dumps into 1-23, pivoting floor piece missing, arrow slits on both sides of hall, 4’ half wall at turn.

2-2 Guardroom- secret door (DC 20) from 2-1-

2-3 Guardroom-

2-4 Quarters for 12-

2-5 Capture pen for trap door in 3-1 above- 2 way ladder up to 3-1

2-6 Quarters for 8-

2-7 Quarters for 8-

2-8 Captains quarters with very nice, big bed-

2-9 Beastmasters quarters, mural of Hexor and Vexor -

2-10 Quarters for 8-

2-11 Antechamber, remains of Master of Acolytes pinned to wall-

2-12 Private chamber-

2-13 Quarters for 8-

2-14 Quarters for 20-

2-15 Quarters for 8-

2-16 Upper courtyard, magic fountain makes clean water-

2-17 Quarters for 4-

2-18 Quarters for 4 -

2-19 Quarters for 4-

2-20 Priests Temple, Rah throne-

2-21 Hall of murals- Marauder’s Map- quarters for Amadeus, Pretor and Pickett. Either H or V is here at all times waiting for one of the Forsaken to tell him where to go.

Level 3-

3-1 “The Center Eye”- quarters for Valek’s men- only access is flying or climbing, pit trap leads to 2-5 below, lit by 6 Continual Flames that burn green 2 way ladder down to 2-5. Balcony is gone as below, hole plugged with a Wall of Stone 10 inches thick.

There is a column of fire in the center of this room, 10ft wide and runs from the floor to the ceiling. It is what Mahara the Hag Goddess left behind. It produces no heat, and blocks line of sight when attempting to look through it. It does not detect as magical.

5 skeletons on guard?

3-2 High priests chambers-

3-3 Burned library- secret door to access DC to detect from 30- opening in wall to 3-13- Zikomo (with Insect Plague staff) and 3 bullywugs.

3-4 Guardroom

3-5 Fane of the Three Eyed Prince- if statue of Vetra-Kali is approached without saying “Hail Vetra-Kali,” Wis DC 18 or under Fear spell- There are 4 wraiths and 6 will-o’-wisps swirling around the statue in constant motion. They moan and howl as they move.

3-6 Treasure room- secret door DC 30- pocket dimension accessed by saying “Hail Vetra-Kali” as passing through doorway, otherwise empty room. The vault is empty.

3-7 Antechamber-

3-8 Room scarred by lightning-

3-9 Meditation hall- Nen teleport circle-

3-10 Sacrifice holding cells-

3-11 Brothel chamber-

3-12 Top of spiral stairs

3-13- Vaulted chamber, Vexor hangs here, curved 4’ half wall, bottom of spiral stairs to Sanctum. Stairs are 5’ wide. Opening to 3-3 in south wall. V is here at all times.

The Sanctum
Hallow cast centered at the top of the Spiral Stair. Its set up is as follows:

First, Celestials, Elementals, and fey can't enter the area, nor can such creatures charm, frighten, or possess creatures within it.

Second, creatures that are not loyal to the Forsaken in the area have vulnerability to fire damage.

50’ high vaulted ceiling, Silver Seal, Ritual point, altar makes unholy water.- quarters for Xander, Valek, and Grimnok. Carnetheria is on the border ethereal.

Valin held in center alcove with Tim watching 24/7. He is kept alive by Lesser Restorations removing exhaustion accumulated by sleep deprivation, starvation and thirst.

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:05 pm
by Dave
Here are the powers of the Eyes of Vetra-Kali now that they are all activated and socketed in the Sanctum statue.

The Eye of Vigilance- Functions as a Crystal Ball with True Seeing limited to the confines of the Horn. In order to use it, you need to be standing in front of the statue in the Sanctum.

The Withering Eye- Desecrates the Horn, undead and demonkind (fiend) gain +1 on all attacks and saves. Any undead or demonkind created or summoned in the Horn gain +2 HP/HD. Demonkind in the Horn gain Regeneration 10.

The Eye of Hatred- Pulses when divine magic of Good origin is used within the Horn, and directs the Eye of Vigilance to show where it is being used.

The Eyes also power the arcane shield that now envelops the Horn. The shield prevents teleportation and magical messages from passing through. Any saves against Scrying through the barrier are made at Advantage. All of these magics work just fine while in the Horn, just not through it.

The area of the Sanctum, including the balcony, is further protected by an unholy barrier that damages creatures that attempt to cross it. Creatures that attempt to cross it must make a Wisdom save DC 15. Good creatures who fail the save take 4d8 psychic damage, and are poisoned for 1d4 rounds, Good Celestials take 8d8, and are poisoned for 1d8 rounds. Non-good creatures that cross the barrier take 2d8, and are poisoned for 1d4-1 rounds. A successful save halves the damage, and prevents the poisoned effect.

A Dispel Magic will suppress the Sanctum barrier for 1d6 rounds, allowing safe passage for any being crossing it. This barrier only protects the Sanctum, and does not cross the Spiral Stair.

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:35 am
by rgl2112
Does this apply to the Nightmare and Hell Hounds now since they are Fiend ie Demonkind?
The Withering Eye- Desecrates the Horn, undead and demonkind (fiend) gain +1 on all attacks and saves. Any undead or demonkind created or summoned in the Horn gain +2 HP/HD. Demonkind in the Horn gain Regeneration 10.

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:29 am
by Dave
Yes, they all gain the extra HP.

The save and attack bonuses are onky while in the Horn, and they get those too.

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:38 pm
by Dave
You guys have secured the 4th teleporter. Its key word is “Say.”

It sits in the ruins of a keep to the Northwest of the Horn.

The throne is enclosed is a 30ft cube that is filled with water and has a 1 inch air hole on top.

4 Explosive Glyphs cast at 5th level- 1 by the air hole, 3 around throne.

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 10:32 pm
by Dave
Updated June 15

Amadeus discovered a “Marauders Map” in the Mural Room.

You guys can register each of the inhabitants of the Horn, and their movements within the Horn will be tracked. Unregistered creatures in the Horn show up, but there is no accompanying identification other than the type of creature they are. e.g. undead, aberration, humanoid, etc.

Activating the Map requires a blood sacrifice. It only needs to be activated once.

It requires an action to interface with the map in a meaningful enough way to gain useful information from it.

May activate Guards and Wards type effects through the map. See below for details.

All of the Forsaken and Tim are able to use the map.

Amadeus has discovered that the map mural can be used to cast Guards and Wards as described in the PH with the following changes and restrictions:

Any individual selected to be unaffected by the G&W must be registered with the map.

The wards last for 1 hour.

The wards can’t be made permanent.

This ability can be used only once every 24 hours.

Registered inhabitants-

The Forsaken
Hexor & Vexor
Valek’s men

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:02 pm
by Dave
You may now use any of the teleporters to beam directly to any location inside the Horn as if you are “very familiar” on the Teleport table. This includes the outside teleporter.

The only room that cannot be teleported directly into is the secret treasure room as it is an extra dimensional space.

Re: The Horn of Abaddon

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:37 pm
by Dave

About half of the outer defense walls fall down.

C-13 The fissure accessing the hidden redoubt closes tight.

C-19 The “ice” floor shatters into thousands of shards.

1-9 The entire west wing of the Death’s Head Tavern breaks off and falls down the side of the Horn. It crashes in a pile of rubble at the base of the Horn.

1-16 The basin of the fountain cracks spilling a hundred gallons of water all over the courtyard. The fountain’s magic is ruined.

1-23 The chute that connects 2-1 to 1-23 collapses. The stairs crumble and fill 1-23 with debris. The bars of the cage are twisted and ruined.

1-27 The hidden stair in the column is exposed.

2-1 The Wall of Stone plug is broken

2-2 Both walls of this guardroom collapse transforming this chamber into a deathtrap. There is a 20ft wide opening into the Hall of Murals.

2-3 The outside wall (south) falls away. There is a 15ft hole in the side of the Horn, 5ft of 2-1 and 10ft of 2-3.

2-5 The metal bars of the cage twist and warp creating a hole big enough for any creature size large or smaller to escape the cell.

2-9 A 5ft hole opens on the outside wall. The rest of the wall is very unstable.

2-15 This room collapses. Anything or anyone in it are buried under several feet of stone.

2-20 The Pillar marked ‘B’ collapses smashing into the double doors. The spiral stair is exposed.

The Marauders Map appears to be working normally.

3-1 Most of the balcony falls off taking most of the Wall of Stone plug with it.

3-2 The curved northeastern wall collapses opening a new entrance into 3-13.

3-7 This room entirely collapses. Anything left in the room is crushed and buried. Fragile outer wall.

3-10 All the cell doors pop open in unison as the ceiling buckles and barely holds. Valin’s chains are still attached to the ceiling hook.

3-11 The entire north wall crumbles and falls into the valley below opening up a new entrance to the Horn. 30ft hole at the curve.

S-1 The half-wall that seperates S-1 from B collapses.