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The Knights Errant

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 10:25 am
by Dave
Some things to consider about what is happening-

Valin and his crew are playing for keeps, they will not hold back. They are prepared to die.

Heavy casualties amongst the Forsaken and their minions is a strong possibility.

Boss fight rules apply

These guys have intimate knowledge of the interior and workings of the Horn circa 80 years ago.

Your defenders on L2 are-
Tim is stationed at the map with his runners between him and the 3rd level
Valek’s men- 6 + captain
5 skeletons usually on patrol, but situated however you like
Durrock and 12 orcs
Freven the Minotaur and his +1 great axe

How are they situated and what are their orders? It will be really easy to metagame this, so let’s try not to do that so much.

You guys will now control of Ezra and his, H+V, Cinnamon, Freven and T&G, with the following restrictions-

Ezra and his have no desire to hit Valin head on if Valin is at full strength. This changes if there are significant casualties amongst the Forsaken, or if the Forsaken appear to be pressing hard against Valin. Keep in mind that Ezra’s hatred for Valin could conflict with keeping him alive.

Hexor and Vexor really want the ritual to succeed. They remember well when the Victor attacked, and they see parallels between this assault and that one. They would rather stay in their room, but will absolutely answer any call made for them. One of them will always stay in their room as usual.

Cinnamon doesn’t really give a shit about collateral damage. She will bomb friend and foe alike. She’s also a homicidal maniac. She absolutely doesn’t care if Valin dies. In fact, she’d be ok with melting him down in a pool of acid.

Freven is a straight up Monster Manual minotaur with a +1 great axe.

Tim and Grimnock are at your complete disposal. If Valin and Co meet them, whatever happens happens. Don’t expect any punches to be pulled against either of them.

I will manage Durrock and the orcs, but you guys need to provide some kind of strategy for them.

If/when the battle reaches level 3, you guys also have the shadows and hell hound at your disposal. Unless you engage them earlier than that.

So how do you guys want to do this? It’s liable to get complicated and already has lots of moving parts.

Re: The Knights Errant

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 10:39 am
by Dave
When you last saw the locations of the KE on the map, they were moving very methodically through level 1.

With Tim at the map, information about their movements will be delayed.

Signal horns and runners are how information will be sent. This can break down pretty easily if the route between the map and the stairs to level 3 is cut off by the knights.