The Eldest Races

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The Eldest Races

Post by Dave » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:14 pm

More infotainment/background stuff from my Arre notes that has never seen the light of day. Same restrictions apply. The folks that know the whole Five Ages of Arre story might know some of this stuff.

In the Five Ages of Arre post, there is a reference to the "Eldest Races." This came from the very first historical brief written way back when. Some time later, after that was first written, I decided to flesh that out. For whatever reason it was never finished.

One bit of additional information to help put this in context. I have always been more interested in science fiction than fantasy, and my Arre campaign reflects this I think. I always visualized each of the Eldest Races originally coming from somewhere else in the cosmos besides Arre. Each was some kind of planar/space traveling race. Arre serves as one of many battlegrounds/theaters that these races have used during their times.

The original document on this was less than 50% complete, and what is there is sparse. So here goes:

The Eldest Races

Though not originally from Arre, each of Eldest Races have set up some kind of "outpost" on Arre. Some have taken a direct hand in the growth of the indigenous species of Arre, some took the role of observers. Some had no care at all for the native life, and set up on Arre to pursue their own plans.

They are:

The Dragons- original colonizers of Arre. These notes say there are somewhere between 25 and 30 dragons left on Arre. It even names five or six of them, besides the dragons of Deeploche. It turns out that the original name of Slavendor, the Consort of Tiamat, Green Dragon of the Silverwood, was really Slough Feg... I would say the count of Dragons left on Arre is about right.

The Nemesis- while there is nothing in the original document about them, there has been plenty written about them elsewhere. These guys are the big bad evil guys of the cosmos. They pervert life to their own causes, systematically conquering planets to strip of resources. There is an offshoot of the Nemesis called the Uan Irec. While not at all evil, they are probably the most feared of all these guys. If you ever run into one, the campaign has gotten to a very weird place...

The Illithid- the notes say that the "Illithid are third in the great pecking order, and they know it. So does everyone else for that matter."

The Formorian Ants- nothing at all. I don't think Ive ever run a formorian ant encounter. Ever.

The Kraken- no notes, but some ideas that have never been pushed until recently...

The Beholder- nothing

The Grell- there is a note that the Grell are actually the Eldest of all the races. There are a couple of other things too. They have devolved over the millennia, and are savage shells compared to their once might. There is another note somewhere that says that even thought the Dragons know the Grell are older, they straight up lie about that all the time and claim that the Dragons are the oldest of all.

The Ki-Rin- no additional notes, but I have always figured that they are right out side of civilization, waiting to help.

The Lammasu- Strong allies of Dragonkind. Very powerful, with several herds taking up residence around Arre. They despise the Nemesis, and all of their works. There is a place in Arre where the Council of Lammasu meet. I won't tell you where, but the meeting is called Whitemoon.

The Aboleth- nothing for these guys either, though other notes elsewhere talk of an ongoing war with the Illithid.

Anyways, there you go.
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