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Thought Avenar’s story should be told. Had a couple of ideas recently about it, so here it is. This represents the most common folklore concerning Avenar. Is it Truth? Maybe...


Avenar was born in a small farming village that was part of the Old Empire long before the Scirocco War. He grew up in relative peace, his childhood spent helping his family and village whenever he could.

One day a traveler arrived in his village. Unbeknownst to the farmers, it was the God of Good, xxxxxxxxx come in the guise of a man stricken by a horribly disfiguring disease. The villagers turned him away, casting stones and threats. Only Avenar showed compassion, and approached xxxxxxxxx without fear. xxxxxxxxx appeared to Avenar in all of his Divine Glory, and blessed him.

Avenar was 12 years old when he received the blessing. He soon left the village, and sought out the Cathedral of xxxxxxxxx in the capital city of the Old Empire, Avalonia. There, he had a vision that led him to apply to an order of Paladins of xxxxxxxxx.

He showed wisdom in the ways of war far beyond his age and experience. He could also broker fair and just terms of peace. He did just this with the barbarian tribes of the Great Steppes, and that peace held until the Old Empire was destroyed during the Scirocco War.

It was Avenar that led the revolt against Bouchard the Cruel, the mad Emperor, because Avenar truly loved the people. And the people loved Avenar. They tried to name him their new emperor, but he refused. He felt that he was best suited to be among those who needed his help the most.

When he was still a young man, he joined a group that was on a mission decreed by xxxxxxxxx himself to retrieve a powerful artifact from the demon Lord Mrzzarr who had stolen it. This mission took the group far away from Arre, and it was many years before Avenar returned to Arre.

The line of emperors that Avenar helped put in place after the overthrowing of Bouchard had failed. In the time that Avenar was gone, there had been several heirs to the crown that had gotten worse and worse until the rule of Cardasius IV, who made tales of Bouchard’s reign of terror seem pleasant.

Avenar’s return was spectacular. He appeared in radiant glory in the middle of a public mass execution of simple farmers who failed at the task of growing actual gold on their wheat. So powerful was his presence, that all men who had evil in their hearts cowered in fear. Cardasius overcame his fear, drew his sword and attacked Avenar. Avenar commanded him to kneel to face judgement, and he did.

It was then that Avenar accepted the mantle of leadership over the Old Empire. He was as wise in ruling as he was in war. The Old Empire flourished. The people truly loved Avenar because he truly loved them. As a statesman, he was unsurpassed. His treaties were fair and forged many strong alliances that held until the Scirocco War. He was rarely in the courts of Avalonia, preferring to hold his courts in towns, villages, and cities throughout the Old Empire. He wanted to be near his people.

He would spend most of his time helping his people directly. Sometimes performing menial labor, or simple services when needed, no form of service was beneath him.

It was on a rare occasion that he was holding court in Avalonia when xxxxxxxxx came in the disguise of a small farm boy. He accused Avenar of having been corrupted by Mrzzarr, and that he would turn the Old Empire into a blood offering to that Dark Lord. The court fell under the influence of xxxxxxxxx’s divine presence, and turned against Avenar. xxxxxxxxx stripped Avenar of his Paladinhood.

xxxxxxxxx took on his true form and demanded that Avenar submit himself to justice. Avenar submitted, because he knew that he was fallible and he trusted his God completely for xxxxxxxxx was Good. As xxxxxxxxx was about to execute Avenar, there was a flash of lightning, and between xxxxxxxxx and Avenar stood Shang-Ti, Ruler of the Gods.

Not a word was said as Shang-Ti raised the Jade Rod. xxxxxxxxx was gone. His church ceased to exist. Shang-Ti then looked at Avenar, and bid him to rise. As he did, Avenar ascended into divinity, becoming the new God of Good.

His Godhood has been spent much like his mortal life, being among his people, serving them directly. He rarely shows himself in his full glory, except when he is required to be present in Celestia, the home plane of his Office.
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