Loot! And XP!

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Loot! And XP!

Post by Dave » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:48 pm

From the treasury-

4600 gp in bags of 100gp each
A box of Lake States military medals 900gp
10 solid gold Command Coins worth a total of 500gp
Sack of petty cash totaling 300gp in copper and silver
Various fancy chalices and bullshit gifted to Havelyn over the years worth 1000gp total

From Donnigan- +1 breast plate
From Varning- +1 shield with his personal heraldry on it, and a Cure 4 pot
From Iron Sam- +1 Great Sword that grants the Savage Attacker feat when weilded in combat.

From Havelyn- magic longsword that none of you really want to touch long enough for the Rest ID to tell you so tell me if you ID it. His armor transformed into Full Plate +1, resist radiant, adorned with Karamakian symbolism around a crown.

From Thorn- chest of platinum worth 5000gp.

I think that is everything, seeng as Eisenbach got away...



Total for taking out Havelyn, Sam, Donnigan, Varning, and 38 additional puds of various types (you somehow missed 7 human soldiers [who most likely got killed by bugbears], 5 acolytes, 5 dwarves, and Eisenbach), in mixes of deadly (Sam/Havelyn/Donnigan at the top of the tower even though Donnigan bailed early), hard (Varning’s bow on the Bridge of Death), and moderate or easy (various puds, Donnigan by himself [CR 4 per DMG tables]), PLUS completing various tasks in disabling the keeps various defenses, AND mission success bonus.

20,000 total or 4,000 each
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Re: Loot! And XP!

Post by rgl2112 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:24 pm

Jack, if Pretor can use the breastplate, I’ll take the shield. I won’t use the breastplate as my dex modifier is 4 but it would only let me use 2 max.
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Jack Hollingsworth
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Re: Loot! And XP!

Post by Jack Hollingsworth » Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:36 am

yeah I was thinking the same thing...AC 20! The greatsword could go to an NPC. We should supervise Valak if he sleeps on Havelyn's sword.

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