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Tenets of the Karamakian Faith

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:50 pm
by Dave
In the spirit of Easter, thought this should get posted. Like all organized religions, this is subject to interpretation. And subject to change...


Tenets of the Karamakian Faith

High or low, now or later, All will come before Karamaka eventually

Know yourself, and your place, and that which will hinder you

That which hinders you shall be cast aside

The strong are to be rewarded, the weak should suffer for their weakness

Stupidity and ignorance are the greatest weaknesses

Know that there are those who would persecute you solely because you believe these Tenets to be True- these are your True Enemies

True Enemies of the Faith are undeserving of Mercy

For a Xotian interpretation, look no further than the 9 Lessons.