Once Upon a Time, In Deeploche

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Once Upon a Time, In Deeploche

Post by Dave » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:12 am

Once upon a time in Deeploche there was a sage. This sage wasn’t from Deeploche originally, but from a small town halfway between the Jewel of the North and the Duernwood, called Greymung. And he wasn’t a sage when he left Greymung, but a young man who struggled to find his stride in the family goldsmith business.

When he arrived in Deeploche, it was to attend the prestigious School of Magic. And he did well there, even though the distractions of the big city tried to tempt him away.

He found himself serving Deeploche as an Irregular during one of the Goblin Wars. It was there that he met a group of fellows that he would form an adventuring party with. What better way to discover new knowledge than by going out and finding it yourself?

He traveled only a short time with this party, as his quest for knowledge pulled him in a different direction. It wasn’t long before he became a member of the Sanhedrin. It was then that he discovered a dark bit of lore. Being dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, he continued his research. Soon, his superiors in the order began to caution him against his course. When the sage ignored them, he was cast from the Sanhedrin.

The sage could not turn his back on what he had discovered, and he began looking for the answers he needed. His travels took him to many parts of Arre, and perhaps even beyond. He went through many profound changes, but never gave up his quest for knowledge.

His research eventually led him to the great forest of the Silverwood. He was quite different than when he first left Deeploche all those years ago. He was close to what he needed, but lacked the ability to get it himself. He sought his old adventuring party, not realizing the passage of time meant they were beyond reach.

It was a gift from his Goddess that kept his hope alive. He was taken in by an aerie of harpies, who saw him as one who spoke the words of their mutual Goddess. The harpies showed him an ancient seat of great power, which magnified his spells and allowed him to explore that which held the knowledge that he sought. The harpies also fed and protected him, for he spoke of their Goddess in ways they had never heard before.

But the harpies couldn’t help him retrieve what he needed. If his old party was nowhere to be found, perhaps he could find someone else to help him. So, he began to look for such help.

And find them he did.
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Re: Once Upon a Time, In Deeploche

Post by jbvholli » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:08 am

Welcome Nick? I don't know, that harpy picture in the monster manual is kinda hot...

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