The Ritual

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The Ritual

Post by Dave » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:41 pm

Behold our shame that we, the Sons of the Pale Horseman, failed in our darkest hour to defend our Prince the undying and ever malevolent Vetra-Kali Eats-the-Eyes. But I have seen it! I have seen the road to repentance! 666 prayers. Three per day will break the hated Seal. With each prayer bathe the Seal in unholy water and intone the dirge.

At the stroke of midnight each day call forth the Supplication of Darkness. Pray to the Darkness so that we shall be forgiven. Upon the first midnight make the first sacrifice- one of our own blood- so that Vetra-Kali will know we are repentant.

At the first light of each dawn call forth the Cursing of the Light. Answer the spread of the Shining Lord’s light with our unyielding defiance. Upon the 111th Curse make the second sacrifice- a True Believer of Avenar- so that the cursed god of the invaders will know that we fear him not and that his power to hold our Master at bay is ending.

At dusk as darkness returns each day cry forth the Call Across the Void. Recite the name of Vetra-Kali so that he may hear us and return. With the final Call offer the third sacrifice- one of the Victor’s own blood. By the same blood that caged him so shall our Master be freed.

Let ye with wisdom understand. Once the final prayer is uttered upon the 222nd dusk, Vetra-Kali will begin his long traverse across the Great Wheel. At the stroke of midnight on that day he will emerge into his Sanctum and the Seal shall shatter.

Blessed day! Be ready, my brothers! His eyes have been stolen from him. Return them and the Prince will honor you with one boon for each.

For the Eye of Vigilance ask only for his mercy upon we mortals and plead that he do you and yours no harm, for his wroth will be great.

For the Eye of Hatred ask for his greatest gift- the Tears of Achlys so that once more every corner of Arre may know his mercy.

For the Eye of Withering ask what you will for in his gratitude he must answer your charge.

And then behold, the Prince is restored. All shall know his blessings of pestilence and despair.

- R. Kappelbrenner
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