The Ritual Starts, Now What?

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The Ritual Starts, Now What?

Post by Dave » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:53 pm

The Ritual Starts, Now What?

Its a stronghold, followers will be attracted. So will the Good Guys.

The Silverwood is still right there, with tons of things in it that are still doing whatever they are gonna do after a giant green flare fires off from a somewhat known former stronghold of a god forsaken death cult, where the story goes that a Paladin of note led his merry pack of Vengeance Seekers on a cultist killing safari that culminated in the creation of a Holy Bar that is the only thing keeping an ancient Plague Lord from unleashing a disease the likes the world has never seen.

So the story goes...

The Ritual will be kinda automatic. Weeks could go by with nothing happening. Pretty much anyone can perform the Ritual on a day to day basis. There is the milestone ritual halfway, and the one at the end. Those will certainly be played out.

Tim can be trusted to run the Ritual in the absence of the Forsaken. So can Grim. No shenanigans. If something were to happen of significance while the Forsaken are gone, Tim/Grim would deal with it to the best of his ability, using any resource he could to ensure the Ritual was not disrupted, and the Forsaken knew as soon as possible. Maybe there is something in Everett that can help with this.

If you guys venture forth, you just might be able head something off at the pass.

Don’t forget that the Horn of Abaddon is now your Evil Stronghold. You have a pit of bones, a tribe of Bullywugs, some demons, some wraiths, and a defensible structure. The more you do with it, the better off you will be when the Good Guys come over to see what’s up.

Let there be no doubt, they will come. Sitting around doesnt do much for the XP total. There could be some milestone XP along the way, but why sip from the cup when you can drink from the river? The more prepared, equipped, and defended you are, the better. Its a safe bet that the closer to the completion of the Ritual the more difficult the challenges will be.

Doesn’t Good always arrive in the nick of time?
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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Re: The Ritual Starts, Now What?

Post by jbvholli » Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:44 pm

Why sip from the cup?-when you can drink from the firehose, rather...Some ideas and observations:

Kyle, think about giving Pretor back the Helm of Comprehending. While it may be great to have two characters who can read "anything", consider that understanding does not allow Picket to respond, whereas, Pretor can teep anyone he can see within a normal speaking distance, giving the party a half-assed Tongues spell that's always available. Pretor can also at 9th level switch out Eyes of the Rune Keeper for another cool Invocation; I was thinking of the 'Ascendant Step' Neflis used to have or 'Minions of Chaos (Summon an Elly)'...actually he can have both, since he gets a new invo at 9.

I was thinking of a fifth column strategy while the ritual and everything is more or less covered. We go back to Baron, tell him SOME of what happened, and then see if we can use his influence in either/both of two ways:

We find a bunch of evil fucks in town and convince them to assist us. Tell them some shit, wave cash around, and use THEM to stop the good guys. Anyone of real talent joins us in the Horn, but not immediately in the Sanctum. It may be that the Baron may have his own toady(s) he may want us to take along.

We get a bunch of good dupes together to deal with the "threat" and then dry-gulch (or better yet seduce) them. "Join Heroic Paladins! You saw what happened in the swamp-join us and become heroes holding back the evil!" Valak can still talk the talk, I'm sure and we all have our circlets of disguise. We might even get to join a bunch of gooders already set up to go forth.

With our Teleport Ring, I see two major limitations. One is that we're limited to six people and once a day. We have to stay wherever we go for a while. The other limitation is that all the people 'porting would need to be willing, which will make it difficult to bring back kidnap victims, for example.

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