The Alchemical Golem

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The Alchemical Golem

Post by Dave » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:26 pm

The Alchemical Golem

The golem needs some work to get it back up and running. Good thing you guys have the schematics for it. Its amazing that those papers survived the paladins wrecking the place then sitting around for 80 years. Whatever.

So, here is the list of things that need to be fixed, replenished, or replaced:

1. The eye lens- totally busted into a zillion pieces, some of those long since gone. A new one will have to be made.
2. The brain- only a fresh human, elf, or half elf brain will do. Install might be a little tricky, but you guys working together should figure out how to make it happen.
3. The heart cog- no trace of it around. Schematics have the precise dimensions of it, and the install instructions. It needs to be made of mithril. How fortunate it is that you guys still have one of those cobras left...
4. The reservoir- you guys found the spare one already. Its an easy install.
5. The reagent of fire- 10 doses of alchemists fire should do the trick.
6. The reagent of ice- 10 doses of the much rarer alchemists ice is needed.
7. The reagent of acid- same quantity of acid. There is some in the caverns.
8. The reagent of lightning- a similar quantity of the blood from the lightning elemental in the sanctum would work.

Once it gets put back together, you just give the heart cog a spin and there you go! Stats for it will be provided when that happens. It throws bombs.

Don’t forget that Everett has resources available that could help.
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