Bizarre Foods with Ayahuasca Zikomo

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Bizarre Foods with Ayahuasca Zikomo

Post by jbvholli » Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:41 pm

[This is a work of fiction. It is included to help me hone my writing skill, possibly add to our campaign, and as a primer of the Cthulhu Mythos for the undereducated. If the DM wills, it can be accepted as part of his opus. Basically, my character is ingratiating himself to an NPC for the purposes of game advancement. The DM should feel free to reject or add to this work with total permission of the author.]

Pretor looked with difficulty into the bulbous eyes of his new "friend". Drool was collecting at the opposite side of the creature's freakish mouth; he had just taken a long pull from the improvised flask in which he kept his bizarre drink. "How do you create this drink anyway, Zikomo?" he asked. After a belch, the Banewog priest muttered, " I get a kind of special fungus that grows in certain kinds of offal, and mix it with mosses, lichens and certain herbs and spices-11 different ones! Add blue, the blue water...Brrap! leave it in a stone crock for a couple of moons...then you get...Drinkinstuf!"
"The fungus that grows riotously in a couple of the caves is your primary food source?", said Pretor. "Can anyone eat it?" The bullywug exhaled, "Never tried feeding it to any not a Banewog...some bugs eat it".
"I trust you had a pleasant session of amplexus with your females" Pretor changed the subject. "You don't want them back, do you? How about some drink?", Zikomo shot back. His batrachian countenance was impossible to read. "No, and no, not at this time, Zikomo Hears-the-Father. Right now I would like to talk about the Father, if that's all right". Pretor tried to get more comfortable, but also kept a ready position if the frog-priest became agitated. Upon hearing the honorifics added to his name, he seemed almost mollified, though still intoxicated.

"As you know, the Banewogs have always worshiped the Father, who is called in my canon Dagon, the Keeper of the Perfect Water. What you may have not known is that he is one of a pantheon of gods called 'The Great Old Ones'. These deities go back before endless time, and were all banished from the world we know as Arre. Some faithful ones like us still venerate them; you and the Banewogs worship the Father. I was called to service by Yog-Sothoth, the Key and Guardian of the Gate. Some of the Nessian Chord's associates worship Ithaqua, the Windlord. Yog-Sothoth and Dagon are brothers, my friend. Ithaqua is the cohort for He Who Must Not Be Named, the Master of the Air, Dagon's other brother. We will help the Father, his Brothers and all the Great Old Ones get their status returned, and gain great renown at their side." "Yes, yesss, sstatus!", Zikomo bubbled with excitement and euphoria.

While continuing his Evil TED-talk to a stoned audience, Pretor scratched an Elder Sign into the muddy floor. "Zikomo Hears-The-Father, you well know that the symbol for Dagon is the image of the Father, but I tell you now, this sign I have scribed is for you to wield and control the power of the Great Old Ones. You may see it again. As you know, the Chord is conducting a ritual to bring back the Lord of this place where you live, and we want you to be a part of this endeavor. His name is Vetra-Kali Who-Eats-The-Eyes.I believe him to be a cohort of Ubbo-Sathla, the Unclean Font, aspect of Nyarlathotep...for your purposes we should call him the Nephew, since he is the son of the Father's brother."

"If the Banewogs have the ability to command Giant Frogs from the swamp, or fill the caverns and the surrounding area with Bullywug warriors, now is the time to bring them here" Pretor continued. "I wield great power...but I am no warrior...some bullywugs may not hear the words of the Father", Zikomo interrupted. Pretor gave a slight nod, but continued nonetheless,"I recognized your power as soon as I met you. As the servant of the Brother, I will support and protect the Banewogs, and so will the Chord. Any challenges to your authority will be answered by the Nessian Chord. Get the word out to the swamps, let me know what you need and we will consider practically anything. You will achieve great renown and reward and all will hear the words of the Father, and the Brother and the Nephew"

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