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Things To Do

Post by Dave » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:37 pm

Per discussion from tonight:

There are many secrets in the carvings around the Horn if Abaddon. Some are spells or rituals. Some may be additional things to bolster the defenses of the Horn. You have a Necromancer and a Death Priest in the party, not to mention the last High Priest of Vetra-Kali is still hanging around. The Horn can reveal its secrets if you guys are willing to put in a little work.

Some spell/ritual ideas-
Control Undead
Improved Animate Dead
Create Shadow
Improved Create Undead
Arcane Raise Dead

An additional ritual that allows longer term control over undead created in, and staying within the Horn.

Here is where you guys come in: in order for these things to actually exist, you guys need to help make this stuff up. Bounce ideas off me in the form of drafts. We will tweeze them together. For your work, you will not only get access to some new spells, but there will also be some XP in their too. Spells and rituals not directly tied to the Horn could be permanently added to your books.

The idea of Lair Actions was also brought up. If you guys want to come up with some ideas for those, that is cool too.

Also, if you guys want to alter the interior layout by adding stairs or openings in the walls, the map needs to be marked appropriately.
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