After the Elves

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After the Elves

Post by Dave » Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:32 pm

The Forsaken returned to the Horn of Abaddon after the hard fought battle with the Wood Elves. Tired and exhausted (for the most part) they made their way up the tower. The light of the full moon lit the late fall canopy of the Silverwood.

Orders were given to retrieve what wagons could be recovered from the battlefield, and Valek’s men left in the darkness to do their masters will. The “staff” provided food, drink, and water to wash the grime and blood of the last 3 days of travel and battle away. Soon the Forsaken were bedded down in their chosen sleeping chambers, and sleep came upon them all.

Eyes open in the darkness. The dank smells of the hive are breathed in deep. Time to hunt. The pack gathers, and pours forth into the twilight. There is the scent of prey in the air. The pack moves with purpose under a rising moon.

The full moon climbs the sky. The smells of other hives surround the pack. The pack picks up pace, running on foot and claw through the forest, eager to be the first to set upon the prey.

The full moon hangs high in the sky when the smell of blood fills the night air. The hunters of the packs begin to call out to their prey. There will be a great feast tonight!

The full moon falls as the packs of hunters find their prey. The hunters are filled with raging bloodlust. Their claws dig deep into the trees as they climb up to the high platforms where the night’s feast waits. There are many hunters, and there is much prey.

The full moon sets when the hunters return to their hives. Their bellies and bags are filled. The prey fought back as they do, but there were many hunters this night. And the hunters were strong! As the full moon sets, it is as red as the blood that has spilled.
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Re: After the Elves

Post by jbvholli » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:31 pm

Hive creatures that don't fly...hmmm. If they killed the Wood Elves in their deer stands that could be advantageous...

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