Not Even a Mouse...

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Not Even a Mouse...

Post by Dave » Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:59 pm

This takes place shortly after the battle with Frostarr.

Captain Odenkirk wastes no time. He and his crew work like possessed men, clearing the ice from the ship and repairing the damage done by the ice mephits. The Frosthammer is ready to go shortly after the Forsaken finish looting the village.

While the captain and crew were concerned with traveling through the night with ice floes in the water before arriving, now the thought of Frostarr’s final words are much more terrifying.

Odenkirk yells at you to get on board as sailors grab oars and push the Frosthammer away from the docks. They row for an eternal hour, leaving the Winter Wonderland in the distance.

Eventually, a bit of wind picks up offering the crew a rest. The night becomes very calm. The sound of the water lapping against the hull is very soothing, especially when compared against Frostarr’s laughter and the maniacal chittering of his mephits.

Soon, everyone aboard the ship is lulled to a deep, restful sleep. (((No save, no immunity, no resistance, everyone is knocked out)))

The Forsaken all wake up just before the sun rises. The water is as calm as glass. Odenkirk and his crew are all sound asleep. No one snores, no one shifts. Only when you see the clouds of their breath are you even sure they live. None of you speak, though you can.

There is a blanket of mist over the ocean. As the sun rises on the horizon, the mist gets thicker. When the first rays of light fall on the Frosthammer, the mist pours over the sides and begins to swirl across the deck and into the hold. The crew is covered. To stay out of it, you must climb on the crates.

As the sun creeps along its path, its rays turn the mist blood red. All you see for miles in every direction is the blood red mist. You can almost taste the blood in the air. As the mists lap against your feet, you see that they are wet with red.

All through this the Forsaken are calm. There is no distress in any of them. Even when the sun itself grows impossibly large and falls into the mist far off in the distance. Where it falls, you see a pin prick of bright light. The light grows brighter and larger, and soon you see that it has ignited the bloody mist and a wall of fire starts rapidly closing in on the ship from all directions.

And still the Forsaken are calm.

Her voice is heard even above the roar of the encroaching flames, and it soothes you even more.

She says, “Enjoy your gifts My darlings. We shall remake this world together. But first we must cleanse it.”

With these words, the circle of Blood Fire strikes the Frosthammer.

The Forsaken wake up just before dawn. The cold morning air gives you all a jolt. The crew also starts to wake. Crewmates nudge each other awake. Odenkirk yells for someone to start the stove to get some coffee and food going.

Each of you feels a tug of sorts coming from the gaily wrapped packages that you each pulled from Frostarr’s silk hat.

Now is the time to open them...

(((Texts will be sent concerning each or your presents. Share them here if you like, or not. Up to you. XP rewards for participation.)))
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