Now Available at Goya's

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Now Available at Goya's

Post by Dave » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:07 pm

Wizards and Warlocks! Ever been stuck with a bunch of spells or rituals that you want to write in your book only to find out that you are all out of the inks needed and there just aren't any open shops around that stock the necessary supplies to make any, and you have tons of loot left over from your last successful adventure? Sure you have! Haven't we all?

Now available at your local Goya's of Deeploche: the MI-T Maw Ink Emulsifier!

Just screw in the ink well, drop your extra gems, coins, jewelry, etc into the MI-T Maw Ink Emulsifier's hopper*, pour in clean water (not included), and turn the crank! The MI-T Maw Ink Emulsifier will take any of those smalls that you would be otherwise stuck with, and make them into an all purpose ink suitable for scribing any spell or ritual into your spell book or Book of Shadows!

*Treasure to be used must be smaller than 4 inches in diameter to fit into the hopper. Just be careful to avoid organics, as they can throw off the calibration of the transmutation capacitors. Using magic items may cause irreparable damage to the transmutation capacitors, and other cataclysmic effects. Doing so won't void your warranty, but may singe all of your hair. Forever.

Price- 250gp

And as always, Goya's life time no questions asked-no hassle 100% warranty guarantee is part of the deal. Just bring the damaged MI-T Maw to any Goya's location across the planes, and we will replace it free of charge! Sorry, but we won't be able to do anything about your lost hair. We told you not to put any magic items in the thing. Our lawyers said we are good since we told you that.

Goya's of Deeploch- Your Friend in the Field!

Don't forget to check out what's new in the Gently Used Gear bin! One man's upgrade is another man's upgrade too!
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