While You Guys Were Having That Vision Yesterday...

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While You Guys Were Having That Vision Yesterday...

Post by Dave » Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:34 pm

...Tim was a busy boy.

Tim woke up when the alarm horns sounded during the ambush. He made it to his usual spot in enough time to get a great view of the Lord’s Inn Discretion being consumed by fire. Tim smiled when he thought how fitting it was that such a sign of arrogance as the very name of the landmark inn be the first thing to burn in the Bloodfire. That’s what he despised the most. The arrogance of those who claim to be just.

Tim had seen the great wall of Bloodfire sweep down from the north, and burn Everard Tower and Sagentown to ash. Then he followed the flames south. There he witnessed the heart of the Lake States themselves engulfed in flame. Their arrogance consumed by Our Lady’s Cleansing Fire.

And he was chosen to be a part of this Holy Mission. He must be prepared to do his part. Tim retrieved his garrison soldier disguise, and found out what was going on.

It wasn’t long before Havelyn issued a decree that Solstice celebrations throughout Sagentown would be subject to a curfew that would be in effect 1 hour after the sun reached its peak in the sky.

He almost didnt need to bother. People were scared, and Tim played with their fears. Rumors had already started that the very criminals that had escaped from Brandermill Prison were the ones responsible for the chaos that swept through the city the night before. Tim gave those fears a name. Soon the whole town knew that it was the Forsaken that had attacked the men of Everard Tower, and razed the Lords Inn Discretion.

He whispered that no prison could hold them, and that they came for Revenge. He reminded all that the Forsaken can take any form, and are still at large. He questioned the capability of Havelyn to be able to stop them.

He did this, and the people of Sagentown knew the Name of Fear.

The streets and squares of Sagentown were quiet long before the curfew. The fear spread like a plague, and people stayed in their homes in a hopeless attempt to keep it from infecting their families. It was then that Tim went to prepare what was charged to him.

He made his way to Grimnok’s camp. He had a young mans life of experience in the southern cliffs, and he never knew of the camp site until The Lady showed it to him in a vision. He had prepared Grimnok well. Teaching him the Nine Lessons, and providing him shelter before he was sent north, and since he returned. He told Grimnok that the signal to be ready to strike was given.

By the Ladies Grace they made it unseen to their secluded blind to the east of Everard Tower. It was there that Tim instructed Grimnok to be vigilant, for the Forsaken would send another signal from Everard itself. And that call must be answered. Grimnok checked his ropes and grapnels. Tim scowled at the kit of herbs, dusts, and vials that his comrade has borne for as long as he knew him, but knew there was nothing that could be done about it for now.

He returned to the town to resume feeding. The plague had grown. Habershare Square was empty. The great heap of coals that was once a revered landmark still smoldered, and the smells of the fire began to fill the town. Even the Church of Seker closed its doors!

Soon enough, people began to try leave town despite the curfew. It wasnt hard to teach the town garrison men on how to accept a bribe to look the other way. These supposed upright and good men of the Lake States. They will never get a chance to spend their bounties, for the Bloodfire will consume them soon.

No one broke the curfew to celebrate, only to flee. And Tim made sure that they carried the name of the Forsaken with them. They would speak the Name of Fear to the Lake States.

He knew he still had more to do. He returned to the blind east of Everard and joined Grimnok in looking for a signal. The whispers told him where to look. The whispers told him many things.

Nows about the time that you guys come out of your visions...
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