The Sun Sets on Sagentown

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The Sun Sets on Sagentown

Post by Dave » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:06 pm

As the sun began it slow descent on this long Solstice Day, things did not improve for Sagentown.

The normally constant light breeze from Lake Strelz disappeared shortly after the curfew began. While the real heat of the summer was more than a month away, it was quite warm and the still air left most of the people of Sagentown uncomfortable, especially with the events of the last 24 hours on their minds.

Their discomfort grew when the smoldering ruins of the Lords Inn Discretion simply refused to be extinguished no matter how much water and dirt was added. The fire would seem just about out, then new flames would appear. By late afternoon, a smokey haze covered most of the town. The smell of the smoke was in everyone’s homes.

Despite all of the horrible things that had happened, the day itself had been spectacularly beautiful. A perfect Solstice day. The few clouds above only accented the deep blue skies. As the day went on though, the clouds to the north only grew bigger and more menacing. The druids of Sylvanus’ temple had predicted no rain, but the northern clouds had the look of storm clouds to the men and women who worked the waters.

The rays of the setting sun painted the whole sky red, and when those rays touched the clouds it looked like the northern sky was full of fire. When the moon began to rise, it seemed larger than it ever had before. And it was the color of blood.

The animals in their pens in the farmlands were acting out of sorts, and the farmers were unable to calm them. The rangers in the woods noticed that creatures were not bedding down for the night but moving south, breaking cover to do so.

The unease of the animals spread to the townsfolk when the first alarm horn was sounded. The attack in the streets the night before, the burning of the Lords Inn Discretion, the Brandermill escapees at large in the area, the poisoned soldiers of the Tower had all put the people on the edge, and the alarm horns pushed them closer to falling off.

The strange flare launched from the tower was enough to push some of the soldiers over that edge. Whoever was attacking was already inside of the tower! When the flare was followed up by the alarm to rally to the Lord of the Tower, the soldiers of the keep knew dread in their hearts. The town garrison began to mobilize, but there were already deserters. Some people in town began to hastily pack up their families and defied the curfew to leave, even as the sun was setting. The feelings of dread swept through town gripping even the bravest men and women with apprehension with what the coming night would bring.

The people in the Northreach were the first to hear the baying wolves...
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