The Start of Book Two: 12 Days

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Re: The Start of Book Two: 12 Days

Post by Dave » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:26 pm

DalamarD wrote:
Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:37 am
After Thorn's speech/directive, Valak will ask him the following:

"If this plague is so potentially virulent and deadly, how will you control it and assure that it only targets the lake states? Not that I mind collateral damage, but I would hate to fall victim to it as well.
"Perhaps you can find a way to bargain with Vetra-Kali to gain immunity to it for yourselves. Before you do, know this: demon lords are notorious for twisting deals, and are also slow to offer favors unless you have something that they want. If you only get one boon from Vetra-Kali it is to be for the Tears, and nothing else. If you get more than one, it would be wise to use that extra boon to cast the creature back to the Abyss from which it came.

"Besides, is your faith in our Queen so small? Your status as a knight, Her Bastion of Thorns even, grants you immunity to such things, does it not? Or have you fallen again?" Thorn gives you a slightly sideways look of mock concern, breaking out in a grin.
Also, do you have any information on Vetra-Kali? Anything that may dispose him towards us favorably or enable us to secure his assistance? What about the Lord of Pestilence that he serves? Is he on friendly terms with Karamaka?
"The so-called Lord of Pestilence is a mindless demonic aberration on friendly terms with only other mindless demonic aberrations. Karamaka has no dealings with it directly.

"As for Vetra-Kali and all of the other demons of his rank and power: remember that though they are chaotic in their very natures, there are Laws that bind them as they do all things. If you honor your part of a deal, Vetra-Kali must honor his part. Choose the words of your dealings very carefully. Give him no room to distort meanings and intent.

"Simply breaking the seal allowing him to return to Arre will not place him into your service. He will have been unable to enter a bargain with you before then, so he will be under no obligation to help you even though you made it possible for him to return. I rather expect that he will want to kill something upon his arrival. Demon lords like him relish bathing in the blood of mortals.

"You will need to find something that he wants, then be prepared to deal with him."
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Re: The Start of Book Two: 12 Days

Post by Dave » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:50 pm

rgl2112 wrote:
Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:06 am
Listening to Valak, Xander will pay more attention to Tiadora and use his perception to see if he can discern what she may be doing. He will also pray to Karamaka for any guidance or intuition in that regard as well.
Your prayers don't reveal anything. Your observations tell you that whatever Tiadora is up to, it is something that she likes. Very much.
Xander asks Thorn, "I have friends back in Xot, as you very well know, the sort of "Orphan" friends that could very well aid us in the town of Everett and in particular, spying on the Baron for you if you wish. I would very much like to use them to our own accord as well. I plan to Send a message to my cohort in Xot, Garavel, to round up a few trusted companions and make his way north to Everett.

With all due respect, My Lord, may I have him make contact with you for assistance in getting here safely?"
Thorn is obviously taken aback by this request. "No, you may not," he practically spits. "What care do I have for the lowly gutter trash of Xot? If you wish to bring them to Everett let that burden be upon you and them. If they survive the journey, then perhaps they have found favor from our Queen. If they jeopardize your mission, you will pay the price for their failure.

"Am I clear on this, acolyte?" Thorn is expecting an answer.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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Re: The Start of Book Two: 12 Days

Post by rgl2112 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:59 pm

"Of course, my Lord, Karamaka's Will be done."

Xander has Sending prepared already and will send a message to Garavel once settled in for the evening.
By Karamaka's Will