The Demon's Maw

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The Demon's Maw

Post by Dave » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:57 pm

The Demon’s Maw


About 25 miles northeast from where the southern edge of the Silverwood meets the Miht Quaqmire, along the border of those two regions, lies the karst known as the Demon’s Maw. The Maw covers an area of only a few square miles, and is made up of some 30 or so spires of stone, and several large sinkholes. There is a largish lake in the northern part of the maw that feeds a handful of streams that either disappear into the ground or pour into the swamp. There are many areas that are covered with standing water.

The stone spires range from 400’ to 600’ tall, and tower above the trees. The bases of the spires are from 300’ to 400’ wide. All the spires are covered in thick vines and other growths. A few of the spires protrude up from the swamp.

The usually thick, unbroken canopy of the Silverwood thins out tremendously in the karst. There are still quite a few trees, but there is enough distance between them that there is effectively no ceiling in the Demon’s Maw. The trees that grow within the area of the karst are not quite as tall and robust as other trees typical of the Silverwood, but they are far from sickly or stunted. The trees in the karst stand around 200’ tall on average.

The party enters the karst from the south around midday.
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